Cornelia Mango was booked for a wedding fancy ring

Корнелия Манго заказала на свадьбу необычные кольца

The singer and her fiance told Woman’s Day about how to chose an engagement ring.

Today, 16 of June will be the wedding of Cornelia Mango and beatboxer Bogdan Durdi. On the eve of the happy event the bride and groom told Woman’s Day about how to chose the most important attribute of celebration – a wedding ring.

“Our friends don’t know what we will have non-traditional rings. The idea suggested itself to the history of acquaintance with Bohdan. I asked a beloved, for a year I attended Church, prayed. And when I met Bogdan, immediately warned that the friendship between us can not be. I at that time one of the young men did not admit to himself. Bogdan also was not scared of this reproach, and he immediately replied, “I’m God-given. God gave”. Then I realized this is my destiny. We are both believers. We know that God introduced us, he binds us. And this moment of God’s power have imprinted on our wedding rings.”

Recently, Cornelia and Bogdan visited the jewelry workshop Uvelir Moscow, where, together with designer Oleg Khomich tried to realize their dreams. Lovers initially just wanted to fill the inside of the ring a small piece of prayer and the pattern of the Orthodox cross. But the designer told the couple that the rings you can capture real works of art. Then, the future spouses decided to engrave on their rings drawings of grids from the microphones.

“For us it is not only a reminder of the music or the scene, – says Bogdan. — As everyone knows, with Cornelia we met on the project “I can.” Besides, Cornelia is jazz! Therefore, our grid of microphones will vary: gazopostachannyu or retro-style my wife and I have to beatbox. I also play the balalaika, so my hands are always in sight. So to knock on the ring microphone is a great idea!”

More on the rings of the pair will be a picture of a fish. First, it is in appearance resembles the infinity sign. Second, Bogdan’s zodiac sign is Pisces. By the way, Cornelia is a pattern in the form of two water-fowl, as a symbol of husband and wife.

“I’m on the zodiac sign Pisces, but I consider myself a shark,” says Bogdan. — By the way, my ring will stuff even the pattern of the Crimea Peninsula. Many people know that I come from there. But apart from that it is also the place where I made an offer hands and hearts of his beloved Cornelia. And yet the ring will Shine the three colored stones – green, yellow, red. Many think that this is a Rasta-man color. But in fact it is Ethiopian the color of my flag, where I come from. Green is nature that surrounds us. Yellow – the sun. Red – blood of each race, we are all equal before each other”.

And not only rings the lovers chose so carefully, the pair are generally very seriously preparing for the wedding.

“Before the wedding and the wedding we fasted and held a large post, admitted Cornelius. Is to have a sense of freedom and happiness, and we were able to enter into a new life clean.

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