Прощание с «Шерлоком»: как финал культового сериала осчастливил и разочаровал фанатов On the First channel ended the show popular serial movie channel BBC. “StarHit” find out how fans took the continuation of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, and also learned about the main mystery in the life of a detective character named ever.

      The fourth season of “Sherlock” has become the most emotional in the history of popular project. Fans of the TV film produced by BBC will long remember the series “Last thing”, because it’s famous detective revealed himself. By the way, appreciated the transformation of Sherlock and Dmitry Medvedev, to put a mark “like” a post blogger Ruslan Usachev, dedicated to the popular series.

      Rumor has it that the continuation of the adventures of the famous detective will be no more, but the creators of “Sherlock” mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat have so far refrained from comment on the matter. In a recent interview they hinted that the shooting of the fifth season can still happen.

      Meanwhile, fans of the original detective from Baker street to discuss the finale in social networks. Many of them are waiting for the development of a new character – sister of Sherlock ever, which kept the audience in constant tension. “StarHit” studied the reactions of fans of the series, and learned more about the actress, brilliantly coped with the role of “Moriarty skirt”.


      Fans staged a “Night Sherlock”: they were watching the latest episode of your favorite series and shared in the social networks of their emotions after the end of the season. Most of them found it too dramatic.

      “So many tears I did not shed even on the animated film “the lion King” and “lion King 2”! What the writers are doing with the hearts “of cherokmanov”? – these words expressed the emotions one TV viewer.

      All who have been following the adventures of Sherlock Holmes performed by Benedict Cumberbatch, has not remained aloof from the “return” of Jim Moriarty, effectively appeared in the frame under the hit band Queen “I Want To Break Free”. For this episode, many fans have forgiven the series unconvincing and too bleak beginning. “The best moment 2017”, “Amazing”, “King”, “Legend”, “a Very cool actor, so cool repeated plastic Freddie mercury”, “Oh yeah!”, “Daddy’s back”, “Ready to review this passage for hours”, “I missed him”, “no matter what”, the “Stage festival”, “can’t Express all my emotions”, is discussed in social networks.

      Fans of “Sherlock” found that the new season was very catchy, largely due to the new negative character ever Holmes. Girl prepared her brothers and John Watson series of tests that made the audience harder to press in the chair, and empathize with the characters. Some fans of the series thought that the writers “deal” with someone of the main characters – John Watson or Mycroft Holmes.

      “The season was very good and the script and directing, and perspective, but most importantly – emotionally beautiful, turned my heart and nerves inside out. Bow to the undeniable talent of Benedict Cumberbatch – so can only play a God of acting!” – wrote one of the fans of the series.

      Another TV viewer called the series chic and emphasized the sister of Sherlock. In addition, she thanked the creators of the serial movie.

      “The guys in your way! Without nozzle and without saliva. Without a showdown, as it was before. I would also like to say that ever Holmes – well, just space! I am now her fan. She would have made a gorgeous pair Moriarty and the criminal underworld would have won. All I liked about it: appearance and behavior, even nothing to complain about. And I feel sorry for her, really sorry. I don’t know if Mycroft and did the right thing, but it seemed to me that he and his brother have created her demons. And created this “monster”, and it could easily go the other way,” shared a fan of the series.

      Discussing the final series of “Sherlock”, many fans of the series agreed that the expectations were not in vain. They are also upset with the fact that the continuation of serial film can be released in a few years. “When waiting for a new season, and he flies by, withdrawing the mind and leading to a nervous breakdown,” “It’s been a hellish two weeks, honestly. He left, leaving behind the question: “How to live further?”, “What a pain”, “Sherrinford surrounded by crying fans,” “Well, “seriocomedy”. Mode include “Hachiko” and go to sleep”, “Mood: crushed East wind”, “Emotional meat grinder” – they wrote.


      Sister of the famous detective was played by 37-year-old actress sian Brooke, appearing in such series as “Midsomer murders,” “Hotel Babylon, “Silk”, “Bullies” and “Dinotopia: the New adventures”. The creators of “Sherlock” wanted to take on the role of ever little-known actress with big hopes. As a result, their choice fell on Brooke.

      It is noteworthy that sian was familiar with Benedict Cumberbatch before filming of the BBC series. The actress was Ophelia in “hamlet” theatre, London’s Barbican. The Danish Prince in the production has performed the Cumberbatch.


      However, not all users of social networks relished the new series. So, video blogger and stand-up comedian Daniel Cross made a video called “Why “Sherlock” ProE***”. The young man admitted that he is a big fan of the series, but the finale of the fourth season disappointed him. The cross was unhappy with the plot of the serial movie.

      “This is the worst series in history. Please, if you love this series for deduction and logic is not watching the final!” said the comedian on Twitter.

      Cross also criticized the sister of Sherlock. According to the YouTube stars, her actions throughout the three episodes lead to nothing. Daniel questioned the intelligence of ever, and also noticed that in this character there is not a shred of mystery and genius. Fans of the Cross have supported his point of view.

      “I absolutely agree. The second series was great, the twist with the sister at the end, excellent villain, a beautiful setting, camera work and dialogues! And then waited for the final blow, an unrealistic denouement of the plot, which would wreck the understanding of what is happening, and eventually get a quest in real time and the sister with the lack of attention…. And all this sauce “She’s a genius!” I’m disappointed…” – wrote one of the spectators live the Cross, whose commentary has gained the most “likes”.