Farewell to a legend: how the whole world will remember Fidel Castro

Прощание с легендой: каким весь мир запомнил Фиделя Кастро The leader of the Cuban revolution, has died at 91-year life. He made a huge contribution to the development of their own country, revolutionised politics and have forced the international community to talk about himself until his death. Comandante has marked a whole era, which will forever go down in history.

      Прощание с легендой: каким весь мир запомнил Фиделя Кастро

      6:29 a.m. Moscow time, the brother of Fidel Castro, Raul announced his death. The news spread through all the world’s media, and for many Cubans this event was of true tragedy. The man who ruled the country for more than half a century, could not stay unnoticed. From the outset he made it clear that will not retreat from their own principles and will fight for freedom until the very end. On his life tried to kill 638 times, the health of the leader is not always allowed him to cope with difficulties, and yet he stayed in spite of his enemies, as claimed.

      While studying at the University he took an attempted coup. But then it was supported only 82 people. A young revolutionary at that time did not know that Batista is defeated, and in 1959 he becomes Prime Minister of Cuba. Since then, the relationship between Liberty Island and the United States escalated. The Americans made several hundred attempts to overthrow the regime of Fidel Castro. One of the plans was to offer free emigration to all disgruntled Cubans. The reaction of the commander was very intricate: it is in the form of forced deported to the States all the dangerous criminals of Cuba releasing them from prison. The new king of Thailand can be a 64-year-old hipster

      Прощание с легендой: каким весь мир запомнил Фиделя Кастро

      Once in 1961, Cuba and the United States broke off diplomatic relations, began a close relationship with the Soviet Union. When Fidel Castro announced that he would introduce socialist regime, the Pope excommunicated him from the Church, and the Soviet Union has extended a helping hand and support. Visits Cuban leader to become a common practice. For almost 40 days of his stay in the USSR in the 60’s, Fidel Castro traveled all the Soviet republics, visiting such parts of the country where no one has gone before, not only foreign, but also the Soviet official. On the lake he managed to make friends with local people, and one guy gave Comandante a real bear. One night at midnight, Castro decided to have a walk on the night Moscow. He reported this to his translator Nikolai Leonov, who wanted to convince policy is not to do it because security was not informed, but Fidel did not bother. As soon as he walked just under a kilometer around him began to gather hundreds of different people. He was so loved and popular that it was legends.

      What especially distinguishes Castro from other politicians is the fact that he was shunned officialdom and did not consider it necessary to resort to formalities. During a trip to Ukraine, he demanded to stop accidentally seen near the house. He entered someone else’s house, the hostess warmly accepted it. Then Fidel said that for him the main thing is that the people lives in prosperity and has no need.

      Прощание с легендой: каким весь мир запомнил Фиделя Кастро

      Fidel Castro has always surprised the audience and did not give her the opportunity to relax. In 2000, he came to the parade in a sports suit and sneakers. As it turned out, it was a kind of PR campaign firms of sportswear, which is then brought to Cuba a few thousand pairs of shoes and clothes for needy children. Remember the famous cigars and expensive watches. From the first he was able to refuse when he was 59 years old, but the image of Fidel has cemented until the end of days. Last General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Gorbachev with trepidation Recalling her friendship with him: “I Have formed a very good opinion of him, really. I met with him at conventions, and then I was in Cuba. And they discussed common interests and the conversations were. We became good friends and remained friends until the end. He was worried that with the restructuring that happened. This is an outstanding personality, unique, only.”

      Many Russian politicians cannot believe Fidel Castro died. One of the first expressed their soboleznovaniya Member of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Alexei Pushkov.

      “He Died Fidel Castro. Sorry for Cuban friends, and to the people of Cuba. Castro was from the galaxy of the great, the world has changed. The world will remember about him,” wrote the official account in “Twitter”.

      Especially clearly expressed on the life of Fidel Castro, the Chairman of the Communist party Gennady Zyuganov, who connects the activities of the Cuban leader with a stage, which is impossible to be silent. For him, this man symbolizes moral image, which should strive to everyone. It always amazed how one person could stand against US, who for 50 years tried to suppress a small country. Zyuganov said that he never got tired of listening to hours of speeches Castro, because they were always filled with meaning. It should be noted that Fidel was a polymath. He could hold a two-hour lecture on how best to plant certain plants or how to care for livestock. Topics for discussion were an incredible array. It should be noted that the speech of Fidel Castro, which lasted for seven hours and ten minutes, entered the Guinness Book of Records. Familiar policy tied it with his constant desire to read and comprehend something new. Even at a young age while escaping to Mexico he took with him only one big suitcase, which was filled with books.

      Прощание с легендой: каким весь мир запомнил Фиделя Кастро“He put his amazing talent especially in education and health in relation to children, women and the elderly – where the social nature of the state and government. He will remain in the hearts of all people in the world” – shared his opinion of Gennady Zyuganov.

      Director Guram Kvaratskhelia, who directed the documentary “Fidel Castro. Cuba — my love!” in one interview said that critical about Castro never said. Many residents of Cuba, with whom we communicated Guram, are not unhappy with the policies of Fidel, and the U.S. position. It was noted that greatly increased the number of tourists, including among Americans. According to the Director, there is no perfect politicians, so to accuse Castro in anything pointless. He was able estate to the States, which is its great merit. “I believe that Castro fought for Cuba’s freedom and independence. And all this he has achieved. Well, then, that the standard of living is low — it is difficult to blame, it has played a role by another factor — the impact of Empire on a small country”, – said the Director.

      Countries with which Cuba has built friendly relations, also did not stay aside and tried to honor the memory of the legendary statesman. Mexican President Enrique peña Nieto called Fidel his old friend and one of the main figures of the last century. It is important to emphasize that Mexico is still the only country that never severed diplomatic relations with Cuba, despite the situation on the world stage. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in his account on “Twitter” wrote that he personally spoke with Raul Castro and he was sincerely sorry that today the world said goodbye to the commander.

      Прощание с легендой: каким весь мир запомнил Фиделя Кастро

      Fidel Castro had a premonition that soon he will have to say goodbye to all that he built so many years. In April, speaking at the close of the Congress of the Cuban Communist party, he said it could be his last speech. The politician stressed that it is important for him that after death his ideas continued to develop. By the way, the last speech of the former leader was not shown on local TV channels. State media companies were given an order not to broadcast this event.

      “Soon I’ll be 90 years old. Soon I will be like everyone else. All comes to an end”, – said the leader of the Cuban revolution during their last meeting.