Eugene Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev can avoid divorce

Евгения Феофилактова и Антон Гусев могут избежать развода Star numerologist forecast for the future of the ex-participants “Houses-2”. According to Clara Kuzenbaeva, the couple still have a chance to keep the family together. The woman claims that, though Eugene Anton and difficult to get along together, without each other they will be more difficult.

      Евгения Феофилактова и Антон Гусев могут избежать развода

      The news that the star of “House-2” Eugene Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev has decided to divorce shocked their fans. Celebrities, whose relationship seemed perfect, said about the breakup in their social networks and still not comment on what was the reason for such a drastic solution. 15 Jun stars noted the four years since the wedding, their son Daniel on 14 th Dec will be 4 years. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied dates of birth of ex-“household” and made the forecast for their future.

      Eugene Feofilaktova first came to light after a divorce

      “Eugene Feofilaktova was born in “the Day of personal leadership,” says Clara. Her life code – 336314 – suggests that it is the nature of power, it would only give a command. She is patient and fair girl, very sincere and kind, doesn’t like to lie. But Zhenya is a very complicated character. It is the eternal problem – frequent mood swings, which in periods of depression and apathy result in tantrums. Zhenya has a tendency to withdraw into themselves and no one is allowed – in such moments it is better not to touch. She holds a “code bitch”, she’s not sad, otherwise she will be in a bad mood. On the contrary, Feofilaktova need to learn all the sorrows that fell to her share, meet with your head held high – then it will inevitably succeed. She can’t be sad, otherwise the luck will leave her.”

      Евгения Феофилактова и Антон Гусев могут избежать развода

      According to numerology, the couple still have a chance to save the relationship. In this case, says the woman, it all depends on whether they’re able to show wisdom and understanding.

      “I don’t think that he and Anton had a falling-out eventually, most likely, we are talking about temporary misunderstandings young people, explained Clara Kuzenbaeva. – Gusev was born on the “Day of tragicomedy”. His life code – 3710336 says that he is also a carrier of a difficult nature. He’s a smart guy, talented, charismatic, but his emotions will prevail over reason. He is overly jealous – star family has repeatedly happened due to the scandals on this ground”.
      Евгения Феофилактова и Антон Гусев могут избежать развода

      However, without the other spouse will be much more difficult, according to the specialist. Spouses bring each other good luck and when they’re near, they a lot of on the shoulder.

      “Jack and Anton are perfect for each other, they are two halves of one whole. Moreover – Eugene Anton brings good fortune, without it it will be difficult to develop business – continues numerologist. – Most likely, the divorce will not happen. And even if the couple decides to terminate the relationship, it is possible that in time, they will again be sent to the Registrar. It is noteworthy that this year Anton was a year of success and the birth of a child, so I do not exclude that in the near future, Jack will be in the family way”.

      It is noteworthy that in case of rupture member of Feofilaktova pretty soon will be able to rediscover personal happiness. Numerologist is sure: ahead of the young mother has a bright future and she may give birth to another baby.

      “But even if he will finally break up with Anton, she doesn’t need to worry, explained Clara Kuzenbaeva. In this case, it is soon the star of “House-2″ will meet a very decent man and within a year married again, this time very successfully. New sweetheart will be not only a caring husband for Zhenya, but and attentive father for her son Daniel”.