Fans Priluchnogo muceniece and is concerned about their possible breakup

Фанаты Прилучного и Муцениеце обеспокоены их возможным расставанием The actress posted on the social network ambiguous post. Who is the addressee of record is unclear. Agatha muceniece not respond to numerous comments from fans with questions on whether the line her husband Paul Prilichnom.

    One of the most beautiful pairs of domestic show-business has forced much worried its subscribers in Instagram. The star of the sitcom “Civil marriage” Agata muceniece has published in the microblog self, which was left doubtful signature “so the idea is: a moment is everything! It turns out, is very much mistaken… Even many years!”

    Statement blonde immediately made a lot of noise – followers have written hundreds of messages calling on your favorite artist to tell you are talking about. They care not whether it refers to her husband – the actor of the popular series of “Major” Paul Prilichnom. Celebrity chose not to respond to requests and continues to remain silent. “StarHit” contacted Agatha and personally asked whether her post with her husband.

    “Everything is fine. It’s just my thoughts out loud. I’m not ready to comment on this topic is very personal. Did not yet speak. Thank you,” said muceniece.

    It is worth noting that in Instagram Priluchnogo, shortly before the publication of his lady, also appeared a very strange record. A man posted a picture of the speedometer, the arrow reached the mark of 200 kilometers per hour. In addition to traffic violations, it may be dangerous to life – worried users. “It’s like 60,” wrote Paul in the picture.

    Paul Priluchny boasted a fancy foreign car

    Fans immediately sounded the alarm in microblogs pair. “Agatha, don’t scare us! What happened?”, “For you and Pasha a lot of people experiencing! Do not torment, have compassion! It sincerely, honestly!”, “Do not chase. Take care of yourself and loved ones. What about Agatha? Are you all right? Who or what she was wrong?”, “Don’t tell me that it was all over… You are the most beautiful couple and family! Let everything be good!” “I hope it is not due to the fact that Paul rides of 200 km/h… don’t upset people. Happiness to your family.”

    Earlier, in an interview with “StarHit” Priluchny already talked about the difficult relationship with his beloved. The actor admitted that sometimes in the family serious conflicts, after which it is not easy to establish a relationship.

    Paul Priluchny: “my wife and I many times was on the verge of divorce”

    “Of course, we are not just going to get a divorce, beat the dishes, shouting at each other, almost went to apply… Sometimes quarreled, they sleep in different rooms, and was, I or she grabbed things and left the house in the midst of a scandal. Normal practice in human relationship, which lasted more than three years. We are also young, hot-tempered, jealous, lovers, everyone has their own opinion. It is important to understand the consequences.”