Valery Meladze admires the courage of the younger son

Валерий Меладзе восхищается мужеством младшего сына The actor told how growing Onions. According to Valery Meladze, it affects the behavior of the two-year heir in some situations. The composer said that in this age the child need to look carefully, because children begin to explore the world.

      Valery Meladze became one of the mentors of the show “the Voice. Children.” He knows how to reach out to young talents, since he had five heirs: three daughters and two sons. According to the composer, the boys never have to Lisp. He admits that strictly deals with Bones and Luke.

      “The younger son is still at that age when he can only play and to be protected from something. As yet no fear, he learns from his experience, knows the world and behind the right eye. Want to give children as much heat, and it is impossible to get tired. But even such a baby sometimes you have to explain what is good and what is bad. And though he’s a little boy already shows that he has character”, – admitted Valery.

      According to the artist, the parents should explain children how to behave on the people, but also to teach them to bravely endure all the difficulties. As a rule, at a certain age boys and girls often cry, using the tears as a tool of pressure on moms and dads. He believes that adults should stop paying attention to such whims of children. Singer teaches his sons to be strong in any situation. Little Luca is almost never whimpers, the admiration the star father.

      “Now Luke if you fall or hit, never cry. It from birth it was. But he might be offended if left unattended. However, I believe it is age and a valid two-year-old. In this case, it’s even a good reminder to parents that it is time to pay attention to the baby,” explained Meladze.

      The eldest son Meladze, Konstantin, happy father’s success in school. According to the artist, the boy, who recently turned 13 years old, interested in exact Sciences. The musician can not believe that the coast is still a child. Valery often want to communicate with heir on equal terms.

      “He’s very interested in technology, electricity, Tesla’s experiments, ‘ve read a couple of books a brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking. We even cake for the birthday Bones ordered with various formulas of physics and chemistry. Besides, he knows the languages. I can be happy. You should have seen how tall, I am tall, so I have long since ceased to perceive the son as a child. And just remind yourself sometimes that is still nothing quite like a grown-up to behave. When he indulges, for example, can make a remark to him”, – said Meladze with the magazine “Antenna-Telesem”.