Фанаты лысой Самбурской обеспокоены ее психическим здоровьем The actress once again shocked his followers. The girl shaved off her hair and posted a picture with the result of the experiment in the social network. Followers reacted ambiguously to changes in the image of the star. They began asking the stars as she was able to decide on such a desperate act. Samburski she explained everything that made part of the dispute.

      Nastasya Samburski never ceases to amaze users. She is constantly experimenting with their own appearance. Not long ago, a girl lost her luxurious curls, and later went blonde. Members discussed a bold look to the stars of the series “Univer”. Apparently, the view of the audience a little worried about Samburski, because it deprived them of the opportunity to comment on their posts on Instagram.

      Nastasya Samburski boasted a luxurious home

      By the way, a day earlier, the actress conducted a public opinion poll among the followers. She became interested in the opinion of subscribers about the created images. She also asked whether she should shave his head if all previous haircut they didn’t like. The actress clearly wasn’t kidding when he said that they are ready to part with the hair. The girl fulfilled the promise and posted a picture of a shaved head.

      Most of the followers asked Nastasya more plausible explanation. Samburski reported that some time ago she made a bet with a friend that if her page on Instagram subscribe to more than 8 million people, it will certainly shave off all your hair. By the way, the girl has reached the desired level and is not afraid to fulfill the promise. “Thank you my subscribers! Now wait for 9 million! There I have this new bridge is planned,” wrote the actress in the comments under fotografa.

      Fans are wondering what else could make them the favorite to finally knock them off. It seems that not everyone is able to do something like that. Subscribers will exclaim that for any woman to have beautiful hair is very important, so it is hard to realize the fact that now they will not be able to admire the hairstyles of the actress.

      “Nastasya, how you did it? No words! You’re crazy!”, “Can’t be. Was convinced to the last that do not decide!”, “Oh. You are the most desperate person I know” and “Nastasya, you are out of your mind? How could you cut off your lovely hair? They will for a very long time to grow,” wrote commentators in Instagram Nastasia.

      I must say that the opinions of the followers were divided. Some reacted to the experiment acrise sharply negative. They think that she shouldn’t have gone to such drastic measures and leave everything as it was. There were those who invited the actress to refer to a medical specialist, because it seems quite abnormal that she makes a radical external transformation. Someone convinced that Samburski is going through a serious psychological trauma, so she is now seeking to draw attention to himself.

      However, not everyone was pessimistic. Many followers said that Samburski nothing can ruin that. Netizens have written that you accept the actress in any way, and they don’t mind that she was engaged in similar experiments. Some users urged the artist not to pay attention to criticism and aggression in the address. In their opinion, nobody can decide for Nastassja as her look.

      “Don’t listen to anyone, you’re still beautiful!” “Nastasia, and I like it. You have such features, and that no spoil”, “You are so beautiful, and your eye – sight for sore eyes. Even bald you are beautiful” – supported Nastassja Samburski followers.