Victoria romanet revealed the truth about pregnancy

Виктория Романец раскрыла правду о беременности Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has recorded a video message to fans. Victoria romanet was asked not to rush things. These days a girl to rest with her beloved Anton Gusev and his son Daniel in the United Arab Emirates.

      The former participant of “House-2” Victoria romanet, which recently began a whirlwind romance with her ex-husband member of Feofilaktova Anton Gusev, tried to stop all the talk about her pregnancy.

      She recorded a video message to the fans that a couple of days ago started to discuss potential interesting position romanet. “Exclusive! Pregnant romanet, the whole truth about the pregnancy, the sex of the baby and his position in the womb” – ironically addressed to those who have decided that she is going to become mum, advertised video former member of telestroke. Victoria has made it clear that they with Anton not expect. And the belly, which saw the most attentive citizens, appeared in it as a result of intemperance in eating. The fact that Victoria and Anton are now on holiday in Dubai and slender beauty not deny themselves anything.

      In the video, which addressed his followers romanet, the camera a few times close-up shows her body in the abdomen, so that all could see no bulge there yet.

      “Dear friends, the Internet began to spread rumors that Victoria romanet is in position. For some it will be a disappointment for someone is a joy, but I’m not in the position. I’m not pregnant and I don’t expect either twins or triplets. I have no time. I just donut. Can overeat or to wear shapeless things, because I’m comfortable in them. This does not mean that I’m pregnant,” said Victoria romanet.

      By the way, a week ago, when Victoria celebrated her birthday, Anton Gusev made her an offer of marriage, giving a luxurious ring. Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet announced their intention to get married

      Immediately after these two events, the pair went on holiday to Dubai. However, he was not quite romantic, because the trip Anton took his son from the first marriage of Daniel and of the time with the baby. It and your new love now sees the meaning of his life young man. He is happy around Victoria and keeps repeating it in public.

      “When everything is transparent and mutually. When it’s simple. When you do what you feel and feel what you do. When sincere and in silence. When more give than take. When you just need the most simple of reciprocity desirable person. With you my inner and outer world has acquired a new Outlook on life. Thank you that you came into my life. Thank you that you have me,” confessed her love Gusev.