Поклонники Прохора Шаляпина в восторге от его пассии Fans are pleasantly surprised by the candid shots of the couple. Half-naked Prokhor Chaliapin and Jan Gretkowska demonstrate a genuine passion. Photos that appeared online, has caused a storm of discussions, subscribers of celebrities.

      Поклонники Прохора Шаляпина в восторге от его пассии

      Rumors around Prokhor Chaliapin did not fade. Most recently, he glowed with happiness, dreaming about the wedding with his sweetheart Anna Kalashnikova. However, after the cruel deception, which was revealed after scoring the results of DNA testing when it became clear that the little son to it not native, the graduate of “factory of stars” called off the wedding with the chosen one. Chaliapin and Kalashnikov lost millions because of cancelled wedding

      Prokhor Shalyapin does not hide that is experiencing from such a blow of fate and deception of his bride. However, the suffering he sought to alleviate encounters with attractive women. Increasingly, he began to exhibit in the microblogging photos in the arms of ex-fiancee of his dead friend tims brick Jana Gribkowsky.

      Prokhorov has published several photos of a fairly passionate photo shoot. Half-naked Prokhor and Ian showed a genuine passion to each other. Despite the fact that the shooting took place for a fashion brand, fans suspected that among young people sparked a real sense that they were able to convey through photos. Despite the fact that Ian and Prokhorov did not comment on their relationship, members noted that the couple looks very harmonious.

      “Prokhor, you and her are perfect for each other, this is the man you need, yeah, maybe against her will now be the majority, but if you step over this barrier, you’ll be. And, by the way, she will not only be the wife you need, but also the wonderful mother of your children, although at first glance, it doesn’t show”, “Nice”, “But he says there’s nothing between them,” said the fans.

      The bride timy brick: diamond Elizabeth Taylor, sports car and the affair with the Prince of Monaco

      Поклонники Прохора Шаляпина в восторге от его пассии

      After Prokhor Chaliapin has cancelled his own wedding, he filled the tape of his microblog sad words and sad poems. In the pictures he began to appear more frequently with a thoughtful serious face, even though it always showed a white-toothed smile. However, a new image has taken a liking to his fans. His poignant words have touched the souls of many who care about the happiness of your favorite artist.

      “Indifference blinds more than glaucoma. And the ability to forget – killing vulnerability. There once was a man. And was more than familiar. And then he suddenly loses face and a name. Shortsightedness is rather an excuse than a diagnosis. And the habit of not seeing – a tribute to years of hypocrisy. I have by heart, crammed a familiar address to your house is always to circumvent as far as possible”, – has clothed my grief in words Prokhorov.

      Поклонники Прохора Шаляпина в восторге от его пассии

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