Сын Наташи Королевой помог ей пережить последствия секс-скандала Last year the Network got intimate photos of the singer with her husband. Because of this incident, Natasha Queen wanted to deny the title of people’s artist. In difficult moments it was supported by only son Arkhip.

      Сын Наташи Королевой помог ей пережить последствия секс-скандала

      In early 2015 Natasha Koroleva and her husband Sergei Glushko, was embroiled in a sex scandal. Photos intimate content on which was depicted the singer with her husband, has hit the Internet. The star was accused of distributing pornography, although she was absolutely not guilty, as the personal image of the Queen was kidnapped by criminals.

      When netizens saw the provocative shots, Natasha tried to explain. The star has commented quite sharply in his address stolen photos hackers and the Deputy Vitaly Milonov, who felt it necessary to deny her the title of Honored artist of Russia. After all these events, the singer had a nervous breakdown.

      “I had to go to a psychologist to teach me how worthy, without unnecessary emotions to survive this bizarre situation,” admits the Queen.

      According to her, in such a difficult time their family has become even stronger, as the trials were all together.

      “I felt the silent support of his son: though we did not discuss this topic, I felt for the mother he will tear all! It may be immodest to say so, but I am a man by nature good, not doing evil to anyone. So the mud to stick, despite the fact that some people tried very hard to denigrate me,” said Natasha.
      Сын Наташи Королевой помог ей пережить последствия секс-скандала

      The son of Natasha Koroleva does not know about the sex scandal with her

      The star believes the savagery of such an invasion of personal space. In this difficult period Glushko cared about her and supported her. The singer of the hit “Little country” recognizes that in 15 years of marriage, they were closer to each other, they always have something to talk about and something to dream. “His support, the right attitude is very important to me,” said Natasha Koroleva in an interview with “Telenedelya”.

      By the way, it Glushko pulled the Queen from a protracted depression, when the artist nothing helped. “James took me to the Holy stream, although I can’t call your husband a religious man. Water temperature – always a plus four. And we had to plunge head – three sets of three times. Such a ritual. And really helped me!” – earlier it was told the Queen.

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