Фанаты Ольги Бузовой поражены ее макияжем For a new photo shoot celebrity went to experiment. She will appear in a extravagant manner: with silver lipstick and a jacket with large medallions. Not all fans found out Olga is so unusual, and some of them he does not like her make-up, say, on the face Buzova too much makeup.

      Фанаты Ольги Бузовой поражены ее макияжем

      TV presenter and star of “House-2” Olga Buzova recently took part in another photo shoot. Its feature was the unusual appearance of a star. For filming, she tried on the unusual and avant-garde look.

      Stylists picked up celebrity luxury black jacket, decorated with large medallions and beads, and makeup artists made her trendy and extravagant makeup. Other details about what other experiments decided Buzova for new photography, is still unknown.

      According to the publication of Olga in Instagram, its in the unexpected and throw the image will appear on the cover of a magazine.

      “Oh, what we do. In the morning remove the cover,” wrote Olga Buzova in his microblog.

      Celebrity fans were surprised by her bright makeup. On the lips of Olga has caused a spectacular silver lipstick and eye star emphasized expressive shadows brown. It is also worth to add that the make-up is extremely expressive looked tanned in Dubai Buzova.

      Olga Buzova undressed in Arab Emirates

      Members did not remain indifferent to such a dazzling appearance of Olga and hastened to comment on it in the comments to her pictures. “I was scared”, “Suddenly”, “too much makeup in my opinion”, “Red lipstick would be better”, “Unusual”, “Pounds of makeup”, “This image adds age”, “a Bit was perezagua,” wrote some of the subscribers of the star.

      At the same time, other fans Buzova thought her image was not only stylish, but also harmonious. “Beautiful,” “Great makeup for cover,” Super”, “Awesome, keep it up,” “Lipstick — fashion”, “Chic woman”, “Lipstick and make-up really going to the sun” — supported video to your favorite celebrity.

      By the way, Olga has recently returned from a holiday in the UAE, where she was with her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov. After the star returned to Moscow, she decided to treat their tresses who have been abroad strong UV light. With this goal in Buzova turned in one of hairdressing salons of Moscow. Celebrities not only updated the hair color and restored them, but altered her hairstyle. Now Olga — fashion elongated Kare, which, by the way, when was Lera Kudryavtseva.

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