Бейонсе с мужем присмотрели для себя «домик» почти за 100 миллионов долларов!
The singer becomes the owner of 20 bathrooms.

Бейонсе с мужем присмотрели для себя «домик» почти за 100 миллионов долларов!

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Photo: Splash News/East news

It would seem that
beyoncé and her husband Jay Z is already more than enough houses. However, the couple
decided to buy another one for mind-boggling the amount of 93 million
dollars”! This was reported by a respected overseas publishing –Variety.

the curious thing about this story is that Beyonce according to her friends, said striking
the imagination in its scope the acquisition of a very reasonable investment. The fact that the original mansion, built this year, was put up in April on sale for $ 150 million. That is, the 34-year-old singer managed
to negotiate quite a substantial discount.

For your 93
million Beyonce and her husband will be the owners of whatever estate,
located in one of the posh areas of Los Angeles — Hombly Hills. However, the territory in
which is a mansion not so large as would be expected — “only”
about one hectare. What can you do, land in this region is a fabulous road.

But actually the house is quite
spacious for even the largest family — its area is about 3, 5 thousand
square meters. It is, for example, 20 bathrooms and 10 bedrooms. And,
master bedroom size would fit perfectly in order to make it
ballroom. It has an area of 500 square meters! The house has
everything you could ever want, including room for a beauty salon, and more — not
just a gym but a fitness center, a huge indoor pool with a waterfall
flowing with tall walls…

As for
site, it is also equipped on the highest level. There are
a basketball court, and a complex of tennis courts, and garage for 10 cars.
And yet — outdoor Parking for 50 cars. And, of course, lots of space
for guests. So beyoncé’s husband will be able to do it here really
large receptions. And one day, maybe think about another child and give a little brother or sister to her daughter blue ivy. What it is to be such a huge number of sleeping rooms…

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