Дочь Маши Распутиной сделала сенсационное признание!
Scandal in the family of the singer came to an unexpected climax.

Дочь Маши Распутиной сделала сенсационное признание!

Masha Rasputina

Photo: Persona Stars

For 12 years one of the biggest enemies of Masha Rasputina
is her own daughter — Lydia. Senior
daughter of the singer has repeatedly given interviews about how the mother cheated and threw her out of the apartment
they say, because Rasputina she was in a psychiatric clinic. For The First Time Lida
admitted that all her words were a lie and the blame for this… her father was the first husband of singer Vladimir Ermakov! According to Lida, dad was feeding her with psychotropic
drugs, and he turned her to the hospital.

Дочь Маши Распутиной сделала сенсационное признание!

Daughter Masha Rasputina has made a sensational confession!

Photo: NTV

“My father opposed the mother, confessed in the project
NTV “New Russian sensations” the lead. — With the help of pills it is easy
manipulated me… the Doctors from the words of my biological dad was doing experiments it is necessary
me. And these drugs they gave me more diseases… One day he called
a team of nurses, they overpowered me and took me to the “loony bin”. Just now
I understand that it was his script. When I was discharged from the hospital, he
brought home journalists made me dishonor my mother, tell her.”

Lida also said that really not a mother and father took her

“He force-fed me with drugs and forced to sign papers
so I was discharged from his apartment and lost it, ” says Lida. Once
Ermakov told me to call Victor Evstafievich (husband of singer Victor
Zakharov) and say, “If you do not buy the apartment, I will go to you journalists
to complain.” I called Victor
Evstafievich was not at a loss, he didn’t know what to say. Tell me, where was
my conscience? All the dirt that poured out on my mom came from me. I want to publicly
to repent in front of her. To prove things can be fixed.”

Not even knowing about the confessions of his daughter, Masha Rasputina with
looking forward to meeting with her. Despite all the lies and the pain you have experienced
singer, she forgave Lida.

Дочь Маши Распутиной сделала сенсационное признание!

Daughter Of Maria Rasputina Lydia

“I once gave life and saw this man goes to
hell, with a heavy heart tells Rasputin. She never left
my heart is my pain. Me so hard was that delivery, and this child
still gives me horrible experiences. This is the tragedy of my life. But all
life should be forgiven, especially since it is my daughter, I do it once bore, and for me it’s the return
— a miracle. For my soul is joy, I
praise God for this!”

First husband Rasputina, Vladimir Ermakov

Photo: Mr Abeltsev

She forgave her daughter, but his former wife of Vladimir
Ermakova, Rasputin is unlikely ever to forgive.

“He against her mother set up,” says Mary. Said that it was slander against the mother! At me a decade spills dirt. When all
it was said that the villain was not important, abandoned husbands a lot. But he knew how to hurt me. He forced the daughter to pour out on me dirt under psychotropic
drugs. This scumbag needs locking up!”.

Vladimir Ermakov has told his version of life with known
singer. His interview can be read here.

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