Игорь Николаев много работает ради жены и дочери Composer this summer will remain without leave. Igor Nikolaev gives the spouse the ability to completely dissolve in caring for their daughter Veronica. Julia Proskuryakova doesn’t mind – the role of only mother and wife her quite happy.

      Игорь Николаев много работает ради жены и дочери

      Famous composer and singer Igor Nikolayev their 56 years full of energy, optimism and willingness to give everything on stage. Of course, strength and inspiration to the master attaches his status as a young father and an incomparable feeling of joy, delight and happiness, which gives parents their little heir. For the sake of his family – his wife Yulia Proskuryakova and daughter Veronica, Igor Nikolaev is ready to work without sparing himself. This summer, for example, nationally beloved composer intends to leave himself without leave – he’s scheduled to tour. “The summer will be spent in traveling and flights, – said Igor Nikolaev with the authors of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” NTV plans for the coming months. But every time I try to come back home to my wife and daughter. I am not interested.”

      To wait the return of husband and father Julia Proskuryakova and little Veronica will be in Jurmala, where the star family has own house. In the Baltics, wonderful nature, sea, great weather and a climate very suitable for growing and gaining strength in the body.

      The composer gives his wife the opportunity to deal exclusively with the daughter, Yulia Proskuryakova no need to be torn between work and family, and the role of only mother and wife her quite happy.

      Igor Nikolaev doted in their favorite girls, not tired to talk about it in every interview regarding his family.

      “I hope that Veronica took the best qualities from me and my wife – says Igor Nikolaev. She is very smiling, fun-loving and kind girl”.

      Behalf of his heiress Veronica young parents don’t show because of superstitions, fear of the evil eye. But to hear the voice of the baby can be anyone. Recently Yulia Proskuryakova shared with subscribers microblog video where eight-month-old Veronica quite clearly says the word “dad”. Daughter Proskuryakova Nikolaev and uttered the first word

      “Papa, Hello daddy, – has translated for those who do not understand the words of the daughter Julia Proskuryakova. – P. s. This is our first word.” “There is such sign: if the first word the child said “daddy”, the next born son. So, Julie, your son!” – wrote Proskuryakova one podeschi after watching the touching video. “Devochki, wait. Let at least a year and a half pass!”, – immediately responded Julia Proskuryakova.

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