Fans of kerro guess about the cause of her break with the Sheps

Фанаты Керро догадываются о причине ее разрыва с Шепсом The star of “the battle of psychics” returns to the show to win. Marilyn Kerro the third time will try to become the winner of the popular mystic program. It is not known whether to support her beloved Alexander Sheps.

      The audience of “the battle of psychics” ready for a new and interesting season of the show. One of the main intrigues this year was the return to the project review <url>. Estonian witch for the third time will try to take first place, which it does not hold out in previous times.

      Appearing on the set of the show, Marilyn surprised fans and leading strong statement. She hinted at a breakup with longtime boyfriend, magician Alexander Sheps. It turns out that the man is not even aware that his sweetheart is back in the “Battle of the psychics.

      Why Marilyn Kerro returned in the “Battle of psychics”

      “He doesn’t know yet. We hadn’t talked in a week. When you take your stuff and move to a new place… I don’t know how it counts. We parted. I don’t understand why everyone is asking about Sasha constantly. We are different people, different personalities. Before you now I’m not Sasha,” — said presenter Marilyn “the battle of psychics” Marat Basharova.

      Fans of the couple were very disappointed with this fact. They staged a heated debate on the page witch in Instagram on the reasons for its decision. Fans of the Estonian clairvoyant suggested that all the matter in its ambitions. According to most, Kerro shouldn’t have come back to the project, and it would be better to become a support for her man, who has already proven he’s the best.

      “I wish Mary all the time wants to prove something… That’s the wisdom of women to be married, not to come! So no one doubts her abilities”, “you were Given this victory, Mary! Win your man it was your victory! As a wise woman, had gratefully accepted! To be the best, but after men, that’s right! This is harmony”, “you Got a big army of fans who’s worried about your part in the battle and breakup with Sasha,” wrote Kerro the followers on her microblog.

      Meanwhile, the participants of “Battle of psychics” prefers not to discuss his personal life. It is known that after the victory in last season Alexander Sheps has made his beloved proposal of marriage, but she decided to leave things as they are.

      It’s been a few months, and all this time the pair published a joint photo in the social network, demonstrating harmony in relationships. Why in the relations of kerro and Sheps health problems occurred, while we can only guess.