Alexander Rosenbaum is put on the feet of Vladimir Vinokur

Александр Розенбаум поставил на ноги Владимира Винокура Thanks to friend of the famous artist forgot about the crutches and dropped 20 pounds. After that Vladimir Vinokur always listens to the advice of Alexander Rosenbaum, which celebrates today its 65th anniversary.

      Александр Розенбаум поставил на ноги Владимира Винокура

      “I was considered a decent doctor, but secretly, I always dreamed about music,” said in an interview with Rosenbaum.

      Alexander Yakovlevich came on the scene 30 years with a diploma of medical school and experience as an emergency doctor. By the mid 1990-ies Rosenbaum, who was called the second Vysotsky, earned at concerts is so good that he could easily lend the friend the money to buy the apartment. The singer nostalgically recalls the times when he treated people. According to bard, he worked with great pleasure, finding the time yet, “when the two rates was there once, and one nothing.”

      As you know, former doctors do not happen. Subsequently, Rosenbaum repeatedly rescued by friends-artists. On the eve of the anniversary of Alexander Yakovlevich – September 13, he celebrates the 65th anniversary of Vladimir Vinokur told the “StarHit”, as Rosenbaum helped him to recover after a terrible accident.

      Александр Розенбаум поставил на ноги Владимира Винокура

      “We met with Sasha at the beginning of his career singer – says Vladimir Vinokur. – The fact that I was friends with its Director Bella Kupsina. Actually, she brought then-unknown Amateur to visit me. I toured in St. Petersburg, and after the show decided to gather a small company. Among the guests was trainer Konstantin Beskov, Nicholas, and Alexander the Chiefs – veterans of the Soviet football, a poet-songwriter Mikhail Tanich. We sat, drank in the hotel room Ringing bell: “I’ll take the young guy. He is just beginning. Previously worked on the ambulance”. Came Sasha, so beautiful and young, “Lenin” hair, in a denim suit. At the end of the evening decided to perform a few of their songs. Started with the song “GOP-stop”. Listening to her, I remembered how a year ago we with Lev Leshchenko was riding in a taxi and the driver was blasting this thug hit. My question is, whose song, the taxi driver replied: “Yes some Expat from Brighton. Alexander name.”

      Александр Розенбаум поставил на ноги Владимира Винокура

      “So Sasha and I became friends. That evening, he performed several absolutely surprising compositions, including “Waltz-Boston”, touched our company. Back in Moscow, I told Joseph Kobzon and Lev Leshchenko about the unusual guy and even asked them to sing one song with Sasha at his concert. Then any of my recitals and birthday is not complete without Rosenbaum. I think that he is a phenomenon, a poet. Have we even had a parody in which I played with the mask in behalf of Rosenbaum. He just looks morose and inaccessible. Really very helpful and kind – a true friend. If the trouble, then Sanya always there. He never forgot that the doctor and helped many people. So it was with me.”

      “In January 1992 I got in a terrible car accident while touring in Germany. Two of my friends died in an instant. I was lucky to be alive, but seriously injured both legs: hip dislocation on the right, and compound fracture of the left. Doctors even considered amputation. I was come Joseph Kobzon, and Sasha called and spoke with my doctors on the phone, learned the news, I explained complex terms, even managed to give recommendations, what drugs will work better. A few months I was laid up in the hospital. In June he returned to Moscow. Could only move on crutches”.
      Александр Розенбаум поставил на ноги Владимира Винокура

      “With Sasha, we met on the set of “full House”. We hugged, then he gave me a look, patted him on the shoulder and said: “Vova, if you don’t get rid of crutches, the risk with them until the end of life to embrace. My advice to you: daily travel independently at least 100 metres. When you realize that it has become easier, increase the distance – and so until then yet won’t go himself.

      Salkinai system two months later I left not only the crutches but also the wand. Thanks to Dr. Rosenbaum has quickly gone on the amendment. Already in August began to operate normally again and met up with a friend to brag. To celebrate, danced in front of the Rosenbaum Gypsy.

      He still regularly gives me advice, health-related, and I listen. Here a few years ago said, “Volodya, you better. Need to lose weight, otherwise your heart will start to fail and you’re at risk for diabetes. So shut your mouth and get started”. After his words I thought, “right, he came”. In the end, revised the nutrition, exercise and dropped more than 20 kg. Now I feel great. Sasha – emergency doctor forever.”