Фанаты Андрея Малахова поздравляют его с будущим пополнением

Joy Andrey Malakhov pregnant Ksenia Sobchak can be replaced by an even more joyful for broadcaster of the event. The star of the talk show “Let them talk” will soon be a dad.

Official announcements news from seven Malakhov has not yet been received, but fans of Andrew is sure that his wife Natalia shkuleva pregnant.

Thinking about the interesting position of the wife of the showman has prompted the publication of photos of couples where the followers saw a small tummy.

“In position?”, “Andrew,are you pregnant?!”, “When I first always vigorously resented the tactless questions about the future of many children! But this photograph, if I’m not brings intuition, you are waiting for the firstborn. Such a happy, glowing, and beautiful! And the question is not in its fullness, namely, pregnant tummy 👏😍😛 my tummy really seemed to only to the sixth month. And just a bit changed the belly above the rib cage, as you have in this photo😀 God Forbid that I was not wrong! ☝👌😍” – developed the idea of one of the fans. “I think she’s pregnant???”, “I also thought that she was pregnant” – actively discussed the figure of the wife Malakhov attentive subscribers, while already wanting future baby daddy’s talent.

It is fair to say that this is not the first case when the media discussed the pregnancy Shmelevoj.

This time I hope that it is true. Fingers crossed.


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