У Жанны Фриске был брат-близнец

That was the year of the date of death of the known Russian singer and actress Zhanna Friskeand her name still been on the front pages of tabloids on a weekly if not daily appearing in the context of new scandals and sensationalism. So, today it became known that Zhanna was a twin brother. Told about it in interview to journalists of one of the editions of the mother of the singer Olga.

“Elya was born in the nineteenth hospital in Vykhino. We lived on Veshnyakovskaya. Daughter was born weighing 1 kg, 380 grams and his height was 38 cm It is also because of the twins. The boy did not live, he died two days later – he was too small and he didn’t open the intestine. When Jeanne was born, the nurse took her in his arms and said that the asterisk was born” — says the mother of the singer.
Said the mother of Jeanne and that the pet artist dog Ulius, cancer. It until the last minute he was with his mistress, and after she was gone, disappeared – he became sad, stopped playing, closed in on itself. Natasha, sister of Joan, found a suspicious seal, and in the veterinary clinic her fears confirmed: the dog cancer.
And recently lost another dog Jeanne – Jack Russell Terrier named Lucas, whose singer is so loved that even took with him on tour. The day after the anniversary of the death of Joan he threw himself under the wheels of the car.

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