Евгения Феофилактова польстила самолюбию Ольги Бузовой The former star of “House-2” believes that her colleague on the project was beautiful. Eugene Feofilaktova said Olga Buzova compliments. Two former contestants of the reality show met at a party at the home of friends.

      Евгения Феофилактова польстила самолюбию Ольги Бузовой

      Eugene Feofilaktova made a very unexpected recognition in the microblogging published a joint photo with Olga Buzova. One star of “House-2” admitted that he is delighted with the other.

      Two bright blondes, who became famous thanks to the reality show “Dom-2”, yesterday met at the party on the occasion of the birthday of their mutual friend. Not easy was found, and was still at the table and made a picture together. Eugene Feofilaktova are unable to resist flattery in the address of Olga Buzova, saying that was just captivated by her and the way she looks, not forgetting to call the presenter a real beauty. Your emotions Eugenia shared with subscribers.

      “It was nice meeting up with a hottie Olga Buzova – written by former participant of “House-2″. – Has improved greatly,” wrote Feofilaktova under the picture Buzova.

      Complimenting his counterpart on the project, she is not expecting, Eugenia Feofilaktova asked for praise. “Eugene, you’re amazing”, “You’re still more beautiful than all”, “Eugene, you better fire!”, – threw a nice blonde for her review groupies. However, many agreed with her about Olga Buzova, noting that she really has changed markedly for the better. “And you will see the arrival of Oli on the “House-2″ and then you will really understand how Olga looks prettier and fresher!”, “Olga is so beautiful” – spoke in support of the other stars of “House-2” users. So, in this battle of the two blonde divas won the friendship.

      Meanwhile, Olga Buzova in the microblog has yet to respond to the unexpected compliments from Feofilaktova. Moreover, the media personality has not hinted that he had spent time in the company of former colleagues for the project.

      She only mentioned that he had met with her friends and left them until after the party, because he wanted to go home early to sleep before a day. Olga Buzova can no longer remain silent

      As you know, Olga Buzova live in a very busy schedule. She takes on all the interesting projects that she is offered. Besides the fact that it works one of the leading “House-2” Olga in films, tries himself in the role of the singer and fashion designer, edits the magazine, and recently started writing an autobiographical book. In parallel develops His own perfume, which will smell of the pages of her future bestseller.


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