Поклонники Адель в ожидании выпуска ее нового альбома!

Fans caught an interesting discovery on page Adele in “YouTube”. Interpretiruya it as a beacon of hope, along with plenty of evidence to believe that the singer goes out of its nearly five-year break in the music!
As told to Adele’s “Hello” what do we have here? Fans found a surprising discovery on page 31-year-old singer on her channel in YouTube! He claims to have “13 live”, but the last public download of Adele was the video for “Hello” is video number 12, uploaded four years ago. Fans are now assured that the secret video was recently uploaded (in YouTuberа have the opportunity to upload their videos in private mode). “Today, on the official channel of Adele on YouTube posted a new video. The video is not publicly available. # A4, — said the fan Twitter account @adeledailynet , putting that theory on January 19.

Поклонники Адель в ожидании выпуска ее нового альбома!
As additional evidence of the fan account revealed that he checked the amount of added video Adele for three months! “These 13 videos have been there for a long time, if I remember correctly, I think so” to which @adeledailynet said: “It is not. We check every day from October.”
Fans have reason to believe that Adele will be back to music in the near future. “Adele appears in advertising Grammy after “waiting for the unexpected,” wrote a fan, referring to a new ad, released in anticipation of the biggest music show on February 26! Immediately after infomercial advises to “expect the unexpected” in a dramatic fashion, on the screen appears a clip of Adele when she absurdly asked to resume its song-a tribute to George Michael at the ceremony of the Grammy awards in 2017. Well, can we expect something even more unexpected — say, the new album?
The biggest clue, however, can be found in the interview with Adele Manager Jonathan Dikins and her agent Lucy Dikins. “Music week” — reported January 16 that a new record from Adele to expect in 2020″ conference and festival Eurosonic Noorderslag. Jonathan threw the fans a big hint, adding: “the sooner this happens the better.”

Latest album of Adele, which earned her five Grammy wins, was released in the year 2015! Fans, of course, looking forward to the new products, and some even believed that her divorce in 2019, with ex-husband Simon Konecki, 45, will serve as an impetus for the emergence of new music (including brand heartbreaking songs Adele). “Adele just broke up with her husband… new music coming #ADELE”, -wrote one of the fans at the time. And now we wait!

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