Пэрис Хилтон открыла собственное кулинарное шоу

Пэрис Хилтон открыла собственное кулинарное шоу

38-year-old Hollywood actress, Paris Hilton has already tried himself in different professions. She was a singer, DJ, and even a clothing designer, and now Paris has announced the release of its own cooking show. Moreover, the chief chef of the project was exactly the Hilton. This news really surprised fans of the actress, because they were sure that she does not know how to cook and for her helpers are doing.

The first issue of the show appeared on American television screens. Paris decided to call it “My legendary lasagne”. In the kitchen, the actress said that the recipe is inherited from her mother. The woman often cooked lasagna for the whole family and it was a perfectly. Hilton said that always sat in the kitchen and watched mom cook them dinner, so I decided that the first dish on his own show will be just lasagna. The celeb was sure I can handle the food easily and without problems.

On the TV show Paris was very confident and relaxed in front of cameras. However, very amused by all Amateurs and professionals of Haute cuisine. Initially she could not understand how to cope with the grater, to mozzarella cheese acquired the desired view. And then just forgot the sauce for lasagna is to add spices, garlic and onions. By the way, it does not spoil the first series and the mood of a celebrity.

It should be noted that to learn a new profession in Paris started with a new relationship. Just three months ago she broke up with her boyfriend Chris Silcom. And the party after the ceremony, Golden globes, Hilton came up with a new guy — the owner of a large alcohol business Carter Reuma. According to the insider, the couple meets for more than a month, and introduced the young men at the party have joint friends. Since it is not part, even on New year’s Carter invited to celebrate Paris in the circle of his family. At this point, and was the first acquaintance of the actress with the parents of the beloved.

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