Fans have been waiting for a confrontation between Declan and Basta

Поклонники ждут очную ставку между Децлом и Бастой On 10 November, in Rostov has passed a preliminary hearing under the claim of Cyril Tolmatsky Vasily Vakulenko. The representative Gazgolder told reporters that the Association Basta decl believe the initiator of the conflict. At the beginning of December will be held the first substantive meeting that can come rappers.

      Opposition decl and Basta continues. 7 December in Rostov will be held the first hearing on the claim of one artist to another. It is possible that it will come to themselves rappers. This was announced by their lawyers.

      Earlier, on 10 November, was a preliminary meeting. However, neither Basta nor Cyril Tolmatskogo were not on it. The interests of the celebrities defended the servants of Themis. Counsel decl asked to adduce linguistic analysis of the phrase “shaggy schmuck” made by philologist Yury M. Bastard.

      Reporters contacted the representative of the creative Association Gazgolder Basta and asked to comment on the situation. In the organization of the Rostov rapper has stated that the decl provocateur. In addition, they believe that the actor asked the court to draw attention to his person.

      “We would like to note that the debate that has unfolded on the Internet, was it Cyril Tolmatsky. He initially asked the informal tone of the statements, which implies, in our opinion, a specific communication channel. This channel, namely the Internet, we have continued to use in correspondence, but Cyril Tolmatskogo decided to move the showdown in court. For a representative of the pop scene is a predictable action, and for the performer of the hip-hop genre to which belong to Cyril, a rather unusual thing to do. In this regard, we have the assumption that thus Cyril was seeking attention from the media. Of course, we are ready to continue the conversation in the legal field”, – said Natalia Mostakova, head of the press service of Gazgolder.

      We note that counsel decl was ready to withdraw the claim in case of Basta make a public apology. However, the representative of the Rostov rapper said that he can not do this without the approval from the client.

      In the organization Vakulenko told reporters that they are ready to make a decision that will be made in accordance with existing legislation, informs “don-TR”.

      We will remind that the conflict between Cyril Tolmatsky and Vasily Vakulenko erupted after the publication Basta on Twitter. It Rostov rapper named decl “hairy dick”. In turn Tolmatskogo filed to a colleague in court for moral damage and the impact on business reputation. The amount of the claim of Cyril is one million rubles. By the way, earlier artists also joined in the fray. According to Tolmatsky, Vakulenko not once did he comment about long hair. “He’s still in the nineties. And how can I walk to them in school, to communicate with his actors, when he does is disrespect me?”, – was indignant artist.