Fans congratulated Vera Brezhnev with the long-awaited pregnancy

Фанаты поздравили Веру Брежневу с долгожданной беременностью
Dressed in a swimsuit, the singer proudly showed rounded belly.

Vera Brezhneva

Photo: @Instagram ververa Vera Brezhneva

Last posted a picture of Vera Brezhneva literally blew up the Network. The singer shared on the social network page a provocative photo, which showed the swimsuit distinctly rounded belly. Many followers of the Faith began to congratulate the singer with the imminent addition, however, reading the signature, I realized that hasty.

It turned out that so Brezhnev decided to make fun of fans. “I don’t have a photo with trump, and I’m not pregnant… well not in the trend … But I know how to inflate the abdomen so! Mood chic…” said Faith. Recall that Brezhnev already has two daughters: 15-year-old Sonya, and six-year-old Sarah.

Incidentally, since the wedding Brezhnev, Konstantin Meladze, held in October of 2015, fans of the singer look forward to the news about the new addition to their family. Faith has never hidden that dreams of a big family. By the way, the spouse of the singer has recently confessed that as a result of the novel with Brezhnev, his life changed radically, exclusively for the better. Faith, for example, took control of the food and lifestyle Meladze as a whole. She taught her husband to sports activity and healthy lifestyle.