Поклонники боятся за здоровье беременной жены Дмитрия Тарасова The wife of footballer Dmitry Tarasov said that being 8 months pregnant, weighs a little more than 56 pounds. Fans believe that Anastasia Kostenko, a shortage of weight and are concerned about her health.
Поклонники боятся за здоровье беременной жены Дмитрия Тарасова

Less than a month left until the moment when the third wife of Dmitry Tarasov will give him a long-awaited daughter is a happy event should occur in July. Despite the late term of pregnancy, Anastasia Kostenko continues to lead an active lifestyle that often disturbs its subscribers. Another reason to discuss the other day was the excessive thinness of the girl. According to the model, now it weighs a little more than 56 pounds. However, she denies the use of special diets, and happy to share with fans the secrets of the perfect figure.

“Didn’t think so many questions will be linked to my diet. Today my weight 56,6 kg On diets I do not sit! Eat three times a day and three times a day I have a snack, total – 6. Almost do not eat fried and fatty foods, as the benefit of zero, solid weight, and it is a pity your body is working for two. Adhere to the recommendations of the gastroenterologist and his leading doctor. Very sad to say goodbye to his beloved cherry tree, after all, for pregnant women this berry is one of the undesirable, because it belongs to the category of gas”, – said Anastasia.
Поклонники боятся за здоровье беременной жены Дмитрия Тарасова

In addition Kostenko described your diet for the day, she recommended that the doctors of the private hospital where the girl plans to become a mother for the first time.

“It is important that the breakfasts were a daily. For example: omelet of two eggs, whole wheat bread and tomato, oatmeal with milk, a sandwich with whole grain bread and cheese, a pear, cottage cheese casserole with your favorite fruit or cheesecakes with berry sauce. As lunch can be fish with lime and rice with vegetables, pumpkin soup with slices of chicken or Turkey, soup, ear. Dinner grilled salmon with vegetables, boiled shrimp with wild rice, squid with vegetables. What can I eat for snacks? Sticks of carrots, peppers, cucumber and celery, asparagus with yogurt sauce, a salad of vegetables and leafy greens, various fruits or berries, yogurt, milk, natural yoghurt”, – said Kostenko.

Many listeners were convinced that to gain is only 6 kg in 8 months of pregnancy is not normal, and a shortage of weight dangerous for women in the state. Some even caught Kostenko in lies. “Strangely, about a month ago, Anastasia wrote that weighs 58 pounds”, “Weird, the weight should be more in the same water, child,” wrote the subscribers.