Нумеролог: «Андрей Губин скоро станет папой» Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the life code of the singer and made a prediction on his future. In its opinion, Andrey Gubin was spending too much energy to work, so they are not left for a personal life.
Нумеролог: «Андрей Губин скоро станет папой»

The first year fans of stars of the 90s worried about his health. After the incredible popularity at the end of the last century Gubin for some time disappeared from the stage due to diseases of the nervous system – Andrew was suffering from muscle pain of the face. Today, he almost never appeared in public and family are not seriously concerned about his condition – according to them, he is in deep depression and even talking about suicide. Friends and acquaintances as you can try to support Andrew, because the closer they has none – 44-year-old Gubin not married and has no children.

Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the life code of the singer and made a prediction on his future.

“Andrew was born in “Day of Manager”, says Clara. His life code – 2571910 means that he is the bearer of the sign of the artistry and character of fame. Very charismatic and talented man, he is utterly devoid of good luck – all that he has, he has achieved through hard work. He was not given the middle passage, the motto of the artist at life “Or upstairs or downstairs”. Until recently, he was just in recession, but today his life is getting better. He has all the chances in the 45-47 years to meet their soul mate and become a father. In his program there is only one “d,” which shows very small amount of energy embodied in it. He’s really prone to depression and mood swings, which is suffering greatly. Also Andrew domineering, inclined to disrupt their bad mood on others, causing them are often offended at him. By the way, because of the lack of energy Gubin alone.

All his strength goes to work, and to build a personal life of their remains. He needs a woman donor that will give him his life force will take care of it and nurture. But she needs to be prepared for the fact that Andrew is very lazy in the home, help with the housework from him should not wait. His favorite pastime is to lie on the couch, watch TV,… to store energy, it is necessary to practice yoga or learn to meditate.

But, interestingly, his career is not over yet, soon n will delight fans with new hits. But fortune smiled on him, is singing about a sad, unrequited love, Heartbreak…”