Фанаты не верят в смерть Виктора Пелевина On the death of the famous writer said in social networks. Fans of Victor Pelevin believe that the information regarding the care of a someone’s evil joke. Admirers of the author of “Generation P” has found inaccuracies in sad news, published in the official writer’s group.

    Фанаты не верят в смерть Виктора Пелевина

    On Sunday afternoon in the official group of the famous writer Victor Pelevin in one of the social networks was posted the sad news of his passing.

    “Friends, fans, today received the sad news from Germany: Victor Olegovich died last night during a seance… a Funeral the day after tomorrow in Gelsenkirchen”, – stated in the message attached to the link with the addresses, which you can buy books of this great master of prose.

    However, fans of Pelevin instead of grieve at the untimely departure of the science fiction writer, who is 54 years old, began to Express doubts about the published information.

    They just don’t want to believe that irreparable could happen. They ridiculed those who dare to give this information, finding it a lot of inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

    One of the fans surprised that Pelevin’s intention to be buried in Germany, while the writer lives in Moscow many relatives. Another user reported that according to information available to him Victor Pelevin these days is not in Europe. The writer takes part in the international exhibition of books, where he must present his new creation “the Lamp of Methuselah, or Extreme battle security officers with the masons”, published on 8 September. Some suspected that the message about the death of Victor Pelevin – the PR company associated with the promotion of his books.

    “Not knowing what to think, watching the behavior of the author of the news. After 4 hours he realized that his message is widely dispersed in the media, and hastened to complement the post. But not the details, which are waiting for anxious people (diagnosis, time and place of farewell, or at least source), but… in reference to the book. Think hasty the bar business a little more than sorrow. It gives us hope to assume that Pelevin alive?”, – wrote one user.

    By the way, this is not the first such move from lovers of black humor in social networks. In the early summer as brutally mocked the fans of Hollywood actor Jack black. While the celebrity was sleeping, his buddies played the whole world, saying that the actor passed away. Fans can’t believe in the death of Jack black