Бывшая жена Валерия Меладзе стала дипломированным теологом Meladze, Irina received the second higher education. Fans congratulate the former wife of a famous artist with a diploma of Higher theological courses. The woman continues to engage in self-development.

      Recently Meladze, Irina received a diploma of the Moscow theological Academy of the Russian Orthodox Church on “Missionary work among the sectarians in the late XX – early XXI centuries”.

      “Protection took place in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, – told the “StarHit” Meladze. – Very experienced! I think the second highest was given to me even harder than the first shipbuilding. And pushed me to re-join the ranks of the students my friend, with whom we met for dinner in the restaurant. Conversation, he bragged to me that he recently graduated the Academy, learned a lot. I have been interested in religion, theology, history. At one time Buddhism. But the knowledge was superficial, and I wanted more deeply into all this to penetrate, to understand. To always be able to answer the questions of my daughters. My desire for knowledge and supported – in the evenings we often discussed things that I have discovered during the lectures. For example, I never knew that the Christian religion is so powerful. And then, along with her daughters was to pore over books”.

      It is interesting that the daughters Irina and Valery Meladze, this year was eventful. Girls in this year also experienced a difficult period of exams. And the average heiress stars Sonia was admitted to the University.

      “For the month before I went out several times on the street – worked hard. The eldest daughter Inga is also available – graduated from the London school of Economics with a degree in management. She recently wrote the final research work – there is no oral defense, is looking forward to the result of it. In December will receive a diploma – and while it is looking for a job” – shared with “StarHit” Irina.

      By the way, my older daughter Meladze, 24-year-old Inga this year will be another important event. She’s married. She received a proposal of marriage from her beloved, the Englishman Nori Vergina, in one of the nicest hotels in the world – Royal Mansour in Marrakech. Mother of the bride Irina said “StarHit” than admire her daughter’s boyfriend.

      Irina Meladze: “Family life is endless work”

      “When I found out that Nori a year saving, it’s me, of course, very touched. I almost faint when I saw this ring! Mother dear! You can see that it’s not cheap! Very beautiful! I’m delighted that a guy makes himself, he never the parents did not help. Not that our Russian guys who are accustomed to ready and often get married without even minimum wages,” – said Irina.