42-летняя Алла Довлатова демонстрирует женственные формы Leading known posing in pink bikini. Alla Dovlatov continues fitness classes and after one month pause again began to visit the pool. Fans noted that the actress and mother of three children looks great.

      Actress and radio host Alla Dovlatova no secret that is constantly resistant and overweight, do not hesitate to show the lovely curves of your body.

      Last summer, the artist has placed in his holiday pictures in which she posed on the beach in a bikini. However, all of these images Alla was captured sitting, and therefore to consider the beauty of her body in detail fans could not. And on the eve of Dovlatov decided to please them. The star posted a photo in full growth. The charm of the frame gives and the fact that Allah captured it in the pink bikini with charming lace. The actress said that he returned to training in the pool and urged fans to follow her example and also exercise. “I’m in the pool! A month did not go. Missed you so much. There is reason today to go to the gym. Do not give up!”, she wrote Dovlatov in the microblog. Fans who saw the post actress admitted that she’s just blinded them with its beauty.

      “Alia, you are beautiful! I wish you happiness!”, “Chic woman”, “Figure hot!”, “Oh gods! Alla, you are in sparkling form!”, “Alia, you beauty, figure beauty, Bravo Mama of three kids!”, “That is a beauty! Well done, Alla, what willpower!”, “Yes, there you can go blind, not to look better”, “Oh my God, Alia, that’s not right, I’m almost blinded by your beauty! You are just lovely! I embrace you and kiss!”, – make compliments Dovlatova her fans.

      Apparently, now a celebrity satisfied with their appearance and figure. But not long ago, she complained to fans that due to a busy work schedule does not have time to exercise in the usual way. Alla Dovlatov dissatisfied with their figure

      Last fall, Alla Dovlatova participated in a fashion show, and in order to go to the podium, she had to be on a strict diet.

      “I arrange a fasting days on unsalted rice with grated Apple, – shared the actress in the microblog. – The daughter that is very hungry, and she asks me: “Why are you torturing yourself?” And I answered her: “dashulya, you know, showing all the models are so thin! Next to them I’ll be shy – just look at the background twice” And she said to me: “That’s bullshit! Yes, they are all girls who you will be with them to compare?”. And the truth, and I like it even in a head did not come. And once it became easy and calm the soul”.