Ex-member of the “Ranetok” has carried out a childhood dream

Экс-участница «Ранеток» осуществила детскую мечту Singer Lena Tretyakov successfully passed the entrance exams and will soon start to receive the second higher education at the faculty of psychology. As Lena admitted, her for a long time interested in this area of expertise. Tretyakov also does not exclude that in the future will become a practicing professional.

      27-year-old former member of the group “Ranetki” Lena Tretyakov decided to continue her education and obtain a second degree. The girl applied for the faculty of psychology and managed to arrive there. She announced in her Instagram. According to Lena, she was preparing all summer to successfully pass the entrance test.

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      “This summer most of my time was devoted to preparation, entrance exams and admission to a second degree at the faculty of psychology. Now I’m a student again! The first step is done and everything is in my hands!”, — shared Tretyakov with his fans in one of the social networks.

      In which University she went, Lena has decided not to clarify. But the actress explained why she decided to study to be a psychologist. Tretyakov admitted that she is interested in knowledge of human nature for several years now.

      “Since childhood I was interested in psychology. I do believe that the most interesting and complex the system is. All equate to one thing is impossible, as each individual. I’m not used to condemn people and judge them by the wrapper, because any human behavior is an explanation, that is, the root causes inherent in some period of life,” said Lena.

      The singer also revealed that she loves working with people and would like to learn more about how to change the lives of others. In the future Tretyakov does not exclude the possibility that he would try himself as a psychologist.

      “I like working with people. It is not that I know how to live.” Sometimes to understand yourself, you need someone who, through interviews and digging, will show you the direction and the source of the problem, and 80% of the solution depends on the person. I am interested in the process of transformation of personality when life changes for the better. I want to know more about psychology, to apply it in practice!”, — wrote the singer.

      Recall that the first education Tretyakov received in the Moscow state University, faculty “Social-cultural activity”. Lena studied producing and directing programs. In “Ranetki” Tretyakova Lena sang and played bass guitar. After the team ceased to exist, the girl began a solo career and also became a member of the group “Sea”.