Фанаты не узнали обезображенного Дэвида Бекхэма
Never before has Victoria’s husband didn’t look so awful.

David Beckham

Photo: @Instagram davidbeckham David Beckham

A new photo of David
Beckham, which a famous footballer tweeted led to the horror of many millions of his fans. They were so frightened that they simply refused to believe that this is really David. “What a nightmare! Is it really you, Becks?” — he wrote one
of them. “Not-e-et! What happened to your face???” — trying to understand the other.

The sight brought
to those who first saw this picture, and the truth is not for the faint of heart: face
Beckham is covered with an ugly look of the scars, the hair part is not enough, and yellow and
half-rotten teeth look just horrible. However, this photo —
is not the product of Photoshop. Moreover, this image — very proud of wife Victoria Beckham.

The fact that it
the photo was taken on the set of the adventure Thriller guy Ritchie’s “Sword
of king Arthur”, where Beckham got a small role. And although David had already
appeared on the screen (in the previous film, Ritchie’s “the man from U. N. To.L”), it is the role in
the new film he considers his acting debut. The fact that unlike
his previous experience, this time Beckham got a “speaking” role, length in
“as many as” 13 lines!

“I had a lot
to rehearse. Guy Ritchie put me one person from the crew
to help me learn my role. And we worked with him for an hour every day!” –
told David. Incidentally, Beckham, who played one of the knights, completely serious about his “experiments”
on the set. He said more than once, he was very interested
acting profession and would like to learn a little bit, to make a career at
this field. “I know many athletes and other celebrities tried
to become an actor and failed. Know
that is not an easy profession, besides I’m sure my attempts to play
will inevitably lead to ridicule and criticism. Well, do not worry: I have long been accustomed
to criticism and can not pay attention to attack!”