Мария Ивакова рассказала о проблемах с весом
The star of the project “heads and tails. The lady” confessed that she had to fight for her health.

Photo: from the personal archive of Maria Iakovou

Three years in the program “heads and tails. Shopping”, as it turned out, not only gave leading
Maria Iacovou the opportunity to visit many countries, but made the experience one of
the most serious health problems. “We
team “eagle and Tails” then were flying a lot over long distances, and
this background, I have a gargantuan appetite, I was much better, added about 10 pounds. Although not allowed himself no burgers, ate right and continued
to train. So sad,” recalls the host.

After returning from a trip home, the TV went to the doctors. And found out that she on the background of the incredible congestion, multiple climate change has happened is a real
hormonal failure. This means that the weight she could gain, even if
sat on a starvation diet. Masha appointed droppers and detox program, told
three months to give up sweets. “But first of all told me to have a good sleep,
— Masha has continued. — Fortunately, at the time the work was started shooting
require a haul flight, and I was able to relax. Weight slowly
normalized. So when in the gym I see “fat girl” will never say: “Oh,
fatty!” This is inhuman. Hormonal failure can happen to anyone”.

fortunately, more of these failures. Mary continues to actively engage
sports four times a week. Engaged in fitness, Cycling, Boxing and
Kundalini-yoga, which is ideal for energy recovery. Maria convinced
that energetic helps her to stay and her current food system. “I
stopped eating meat, she says. — Vegetarianism come to mind:
checked hemoglobin levels, learned how much I need of protein, fat and
carbohydrates. And, you know, health has visibly improved and the skin just glowed. In my
diet there are a lot of fish — mostly white but sometimes salmon, shrimp. On
Breakfast eat porridge — rice, millet, buckwheat or oatmeal with almond or
soy milk. For lunch and dinner, eat a light soup and vegetables. Or a salad with chickpeas and
quinoa with vegetables. By the way, the coach texted me today: “my Dear, add-ka in
diet protein! You have too much load.” I will now experiment
with tofu and lentils”.

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