Фанаты поздравили с днем рождения беременную Пелагею The famous singer celebrated the anniversary. Fans Pelagia glad that she found happiness in the arms of a hockey player Ivan Telegin. They want the star to become a wonderful mother to unborn child.

      Famous singer and TV presenter Pelagia said on the eve of the anniversary. The star turned 30 years old. On the occasion, the artist staged a celebration in one of the suburban restaurants.

      To the Banquet came the friends and relatives of the birthday girl. The whole evening for her thoughtful caring husband, hockey player Ivan Telegin. The couple formalized their relationship in June in one of capital registry offices.

      Pelageya secretly married a hockey player

      Fans of stars congratulated their favorite through social networks. They wrote her a lot of warm words, including wished to become a wonderful mother to unborn child.

      “You turned 30, this is the age when you need to think – you are getting old, you only have it all starts”, “Be loved and love, and give birth to baby”, “You’ll be a great mother, everyone knows it. Happy birthday, Polka”, “Happiness and the good of the baby”, “I wish you to stay always the same cheerful, our little bit of positive, same light, our ray of sunshine. You’re the best,” wrote wringing fans in social networks.

      @pelageya001 Field, I’m happy that life sometimes allows us to meet interesting,friendly and warm people,thanks to which the world seems brighter, more interesting and more valuable!!! You’re a powerhouse And I want you to always exude this light and be happy now, and in family life!!! Your fighting friend Bilanych) we all love you very much !!!!!!! )))

      Photos published bilanofficial (@bilanofficial) Jul 14 2016 11:19 PDT

      One of his close friends Pelagia and her colleague on the show “the Voice” Dima Bilan has also published his congratulations to the singer through social network. The artist called himself a “fighting friend” of the star.

      Interestingly, the news of the pregnancy Pelagia actively discussing on the Internet. For the first time the artist has attributed an interesting position when it became known that she refused to participate in the jury in the new season of the show “the Voice. Children.” Presumably, the shooting of the project falls on the last months of pregnancy star.

      In addition, the novel Pelagia and Ivan Telegin has been developing very rapidly. According to colleagues and friends, hockey crazy about his lady, he spends a lot of time in the company of his beloved wife. For the popular singer Telegin broke off relations with the mother of his child. “If Joe’s not answering his phone or comes to a formal event, the coaches laugh: “Look for it the Pelagia” – said one of the friends of hockey.

      Discussing pregnancy Pelagia

      Information about the interesting position Pelageya was confirmed after the Internet got photos of the stars from prazdnovanie her 30th birthday. The photographs published by “Life”, is seen the rounded belly of the actress.

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