Мария Миронова отказалась нянчить внуков

The daughter of the famous actor Andrei Mironov, Maria admitted to reporters that she doesn’t want to play with my grandchildren and not ready in this respect to help his son and his lover: “With my grandchildren I will certainly not sit will, I have already warned everyone”. Its position, Maria explained that she does not rule out the opportunity for yourself once again to become a mother, and so her attention will be more focused on each other.

Now the son Mironova will take place in a relationship with a girl named Xenia. By the way, the choice is Andrew’s mom approves, noting that “his son was in good hands.”

“Ksenia is a talented girl. And I’m so glad that Andrew was in good hands. If you recall, what was the attack of the girls in my son! – said Maria. — In the second class he brought a backpack full of Valentines. I thought it would be forty years before”.

Maria admits that she is glad that son love a little pacified. After all, before Andrew has a rather volatile temper, “I could go home and about a militia. Turns out my son had so much fun in your birthday, threw the bag with water directly on the windshield of the car of chief OVD “Arbat”. And six policemen standing and looking in our Windows,” — says Mironov.

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