Fans congratulate the winners of the contest “the House-2. Wedding in a million”

Фанаты поздравляют победителей конкурса «Дом-2. Свадьба на миллион» According to preliminary results, the vast majority of fans telestroke voted for Sasha and Evgeny Artemov Cousin. The program, which will show the final competition will be released next Monday. Subscribers Artemov and Cousin and wish them happiness and love.

      Voting for the winners of the “Wedding million” came to an end. It competed three pairs – Eugene Kuzin and Sasha Artemov, Konstantin Ivanov and Alexander Goias and Andrey Chuev and Marina Afrikantov.

      In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday the results of a survey of viewers who chose the lucky ones, who will arrange a luxurious wedding ceremony. According to preliminary results of the contest, the highest number of votes fans of “House-2” gave Cousin and Artemov. However, young people receive numerous congratulations from fans telestroke. “Well done”, “You are so cute”, “Ur”, “Very pleased with the results of the voting”, “Happiness to you, take care of each other”, “Love you,” “Sasha, you’re our Amazon, his Wife brought a victory”, “You deserve it”, “I Wish you kids, joy and all the best. Play the wedding soon”, – discussed social media users.

      The star of “House-2” Mexico did not hide in his microblog that the leaders were aunt and cousin. She reminded the fans of the reality show that aired a program in which will show the final of the competition “Wedding in a million,” will be held on Monday, February 13. The girl also told followers that are rooting for Andrey Chueva. Earlier, he told the fans that lose. “Marina and not very convincing in their feelings for one and a half years,” shared Andrew.

      Andrey Chuev has spoken out about the scandal on the project “Dom-2. Wedding in a million”

      By the way, a few hours ago Sasha Artemova thanked fans for their support. She noted that she was extremely happy to see the fans rooting for her and Eugene’s Cousin. Sasha also admitted that she’s nervous, awaiting the results of the competition.

      “I want to say a big thank you for your warmth and the applied force! Just thank you for not treating us indifferently and came to the rescue! Two months Zhenya got tremendous support from you, my dear viewers and friends. I’m so pleased that you write and are tears from how happy this makes me. Honestly, such a massive support haven’t seen. Thank you all, thank you for always with us! All thanks to you. Within an hour the results will be announced, can not find a place…” – confessed Artemova.

      Recall also that Sasha Artemova accused Andrey Chueva in incorrect behaviour towards other participants. “He is haunted by that now vote for our couple more… But I hope we still win, despite all these intrigues and the wedding will take place one – as it should be in this competition!” – told a girl “StarHit”. Sasha Artemova about the plot for “the House-2”: “Andrey Chuev does not allow us to win”