Director Dobronravova about the incident with the traffic police: “Alexander has been sober for five years”

Директор Добронравова об инциденте с ДПС: «Александр не пьет уже пять лет» The actor clarified the situation with the deprivation of rights. A number of media spread information that the car of the composer was arrested by patrol. According to some, they found that the Dobronravov was in a state of intoxication. “StarHit” contacted the entourage of the singer and found out the details of the incident.

      Директор Добронравова об инциденте с ДПС: «Александр не пьет уже пять лет»

      As reported by a number of publications, on the eve of the composer Alexander Dobronravov was arrested by the DPS. According to some, the patrol stopped the car of artist Toyota Land Cruiser, which is followed in Sadovaya-Samotechnaya street. According to media reports, when checking the documents, law enforcement officers found that 57-year-old composer was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. It is reported that such a breach it can deprive a driver’s license, and ordered to pay a fine in the amount of 30 thousand rubles.

      “StarHit” contacted the Director Dobronravova Anton. The actor said that before the machine artist had an accident. However, the data that appeared in some editions, are not true.

      “It was a normal accident. Was driving his wife, it drove the other car. Alexander does not drink alcohol for about five years. Besides, he recently had surgery on the sinuses. It is contraindicated to drink alcohol,” – said Director Alexander.

      As the representative of the composer, he was surprised that after an ordinary traffic accident, which was decorated by all the rules, there were such rumors. Anton added that the artist’s wife caught one of the participants in the collision, was not drunk.

      We will remind that Alexander Dobronravov – a popular composer and performer, who in 90-e years was a member of such groups as “Funny guys”, “Bravo” and “White eagle”. In 1999, the artist began a solo career. Five years later, he released his debut album. The album instantly sold out, and fans praised the work Dobronravova. In 2010, Alexander became a member of the Union of composers of Russia.

      In 2015-2016 Alexander Dobronravov toured extensively with the concert program “Unexpectedly”, which has already managed to present to listeners in Belarus, Latvia and many Russian cities. The program included songs from the new album and the hits “How delightful evening in Russia”, “Lone wolf,” “Daisy, “somewhere behind the clouds”, “Beautiful women”, “Creek on the sea shore” and many others.