Fans condemned the scandalous escapade of the son of Victoria Beckham

 Фанаты осудили скандальную выходку сына Виктории Бекхэм
Brooklyn made a sad mistake.

 Фанаты осудили скандальную выходку сына Виктории Бекхэм

Victoria Beckham


Brooklyn Beckham


The eldest son of Bekhemov decided to make their
followers, laying in his large collage of their black-and-white
photos. Turned out, in principle,
quite stylish, but this collage provoked outrage of his fans. Case
the fact that the photographs were captured Brooklyn with a gun in his hand. At
to the creators, this series of photos was supposed to look like stylized
teen idol of the 50’s-rebel James
Dean. However, fans of this idea completely
did not like.

“The gun — that’s not cool!” — wrote
one of the fans of the young Beckham. “I think that such popular people like
Brooklyn must spread the ideas of peace and kindness, but not to advertise guns!” commented
other. And the third noticed that the art is no excuse for propaganda
violence. In short, the idea of the son of the famous footballer is not praised and condemned.

Meanwhile, 18-year-old Brooklyn, obviously
committed blunder, has previously said that he, the son of two celebrities
constantly being in the limelight, have a hard time. “Every time I
making a mistake that is inevitable from time to time, all begin to show on
me the finger and shout: “Look, this is the son of Beckham, he has again done something
that!” Of course, I love my parents, but I would still like to go their
way!” he said.

Recall that this year Brooklyn moved out of
parental home and began an independent life. He moved from London to
New York, where he will study art
the pictures, which the eldest son of Beckham intends to make it his career.