Husband Anfisa Chekhova intrigued by the pool with a spectacular blonde

Муж Анфисы Чеховой заинтриговал снимком из бассейна с эффектной блондинкой Husband teledive Guram bablishvili posted to microblog some photos from the vacation that made subscribers jittery. Many have decided that the man gave to understand in such a way that in their relations with Anfisa Chekhova set point.
Муж Анфисы Чеховой заинтриговал снимком из бассейна с эффектной блондинкой

Husband of TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova was surprised followers photos with guests. Photos from the water Park, where he spent time with his son Solikom next to them was a striking blonde. It was evident that in their company she feels very comfortable. Photo caption not clarified the situation.

“Family BaBlishvili. We are always in shape. Outing to the water Park ended eating the entire fridge and emptying the neighbour’s garden” – nupcial Guram.

Fans of the star couple has long worried whether everything is in order, so the publication caused a storm of emotions. Many thought that the way Bablishvili put an end to the relationship with an Sa, and a young woman in the photo is his new fiancee. “And who is this girl?”, “Mail already?”, “I don’t want to believe it. I hope this sister is” worried fans.

Soon, one of the subscribers to clarify the situation. It turned out that the photo really Guram sister Tina. Solik became friends with my aunt while visiting her grandmother in Georgia. She often publishes photos from the favourite nephew and Anfisa comments on them.

By the way, this is not the first time pictures in microblogs couples in troubled followers. Not long ago, the media personality has published a joint photo with the host of the First channel Dmitry Borisov. One of them Came even kisses man on the cheek. In the description of the star left a smiley face in the shape of a heart. Fans have reacted to this frame.

“My husband divorced eh?”, “Anfisa, why not a photo with Guram? There used to be plenty, but what happened now?” “This man is visually much more suited lovely Anfisa”, “So wonderfully together, just a sweet couple” – commented on them. However, there are also those who say that Chekhov and Borisov connects only the strong friendship and no romantic subtext in the publication no.

Note that vacation Anfisa and Guram this year held separately. In early August, leading went to relax in the company of a friend. My husband could not go with her because I was busy with work.