Фанаты гадают, что стало с лицом Ольги Бузовой The presenter visited a beauty salon. In the short video, shared by the star, shows that she looks very different. Fans are wondering what happened to Olga. Some have suggested that young woman have resorted to plastic, while others believe that it’s all in the makeup.

      Фанаты гадают, что стало с лицом Ольги Бузовой

      On the eve of Olga Buzova went to the beauty salon to correct my hair and do manicures. All events TV presenter was shot on a smartphone camera. Subscribers celebrities were able to see how fast the wizard put in order hair and nails Buzova. According to star, she was all happy and praised the specialists of Studio of beauty for the work done.

      Some time later, a leading shared in the microblog short video and a photo on which to assess change. Fans of Olga was surprised and didn’t even know the girl. A Buzova followers began to speculate what happened to her face. Someone thought that celebrity changed the color and the shape of the eyebrows, and some noticed enlarged lips and other eye makeup.

      Users of social networks began to actively discuss the Olga’s fan pages. “Older I think it was “better”, if I may say so”, “So much more interesting and more serious”, “was on the Eastern girl to look like or even Asian”, “Prettier! The face became more expressive!”, “Not yourself, and that even psychologically very bad”, – write in the comments to the picture.

      Recently Olga often experimenting with looks. After the divorce with Dmitry Tarasov girl was a brunette, and her clothes are much more modest and elegant. According to the leader, she’s changed a lot and realized that I was wrong in some situations. In particular, Buzova regretted that the events of her personal life constantly being discussed in the Network.

      “I will remain true to himself and his principles and the deeds of others in their own conscience. And I in no way want to turn into an evil, callous and insecure person. Although I had many internal problems, which I hope I will be able to cope on their own,” – explained Olga.

      By the way, according to the forecasts of psychic Mohsen Noruzi, all the bad things in the past. This year TV presenter waiting for a positive experience and even a new love.

      “Buzova on the horizon appears two boyfriend. With one of them in February, she will fly away to rest. Olga will be three marriages and as many children. Another four years she will pomeloes in different projects, and then disappear from the screens,” – said the expert.