Барак и Мишель Обама расплакались во время прощальной речи The US President and his wife appealed to Americans. A few hours ago the head of state delivered his last words on his post. 20 January will see the inauguration of Donald trump, who won the election.

      Michelle and Barack Obama spoke to Americans. The head of state and first lady said a touching speech in which gave a farewell address to the people and wished that each of them fulfilled his dream. The President and his wife was very nervous during the performances, so at the end of the speech, none of them could cope with the emotions. Viewers who watched the broadcast noticed how the eyes of Barack and Michelle had tears in her eyes.

      In his final speech, which was held in Chicago, the President recalled all eight years in the post of the head of state, noting that at this time the United States has made progress in several areas. Barak said, as always sad and happy with the people. At the end of his speech, he confessed his love and respect for his wife Michelle. At this moment his eyes were filled with tears.

      “Michelle Lavon Robinson, the girl from the South side. Over the last 25 years you were not just my wife and the mother of my children. You were my best friend. You didn’t choose a role that you got, but you played it with things with grace, firmness, sense of style and sense of humor. You made it so that the White house was to belong to all. You have set an example for the new generation of people. I’m proud of you, and the whole country is proud of you,” he said in a shaky voice Obama.

      Obama’s spouse Michelle was very touched by these words and went up to him after speeches to hug. Earlier, first lady of the United States also hosted a meeting with the Americans. Her whole speech was addressed to the younger generation. According to the wife of the President, from his early years to the inhabitants of America should try to learn, and should always believe in a brighter future. According to Obama, if you really want, you can even take the presidency.

      In the end, Michelle became very emotional. The video, which appeared online, shows how a woman tries not to cry in front of hundreds of people who listen to it.

      “Let you lead hope and never fear. And know this: I will always be with you. For the rest of my life I will work for you and will support you. To be your first lady is the greatest honor. I hope you were proud of me,” – he finished the speech, Obama.