Бондарчук раскроет все тайны самого ожидаемого фильма года
The Director will deliver a lecture on the film “Gravity.”

Бондарчук раскроет все тайны самого ожидаемого фильма года

Fyodor Bondarchuk

Photo: Press service

January in the cinema “October” in the framework of the project “KARO.Art” the famous Director,
actor and producer of Russian film Fyodor Bondarchuk will share their experience in
film and reveal some of the secrets of her new movie “Gravity.”
The moderator of the lecture will act as a film critic Anton Dolin.

painting by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Attraction” will be the fourth Russian film
transferred to the IMAX format. The film tells about the first
the collision of humanity with extraterrestrial intelligence. The plot is designed in the spirit
sci-Fi dystopia — very rare for Russian cinema

the movie is a lot of feedback, both positive and
negative. Sci-Fi action “Attraction” was no exception. Though
the atmosphere of secrecy around the creation of the film, he has become
the subject of heated debate in social networks.

the most popular and controversial comments for future viewers, the Director will give
during the lecture. Guests of the lecture will be able to make up their minds about the painting looked
exclusive stills and videos from the set, as well as
asking questions during a lively discussion.

his speech, the Director also talk about the features of building a scale
movie, work on the graphics and visual effects, the difficulties
you have to face the crew.

Bondarchuk — a symbolic figure in the Russian film industry. He played more than 60 roles
in the movie, and his debut directorial effort “the 9th company” was awarded the main
awards national film Academy. Another film, war drama
“Stalingrad”, set a box office record among Russian films to beat
which is still not possible for any one film project. In addition, the “Stalingrad”
became the first domestic project, released in the IMAX format.

The lecture accessible to everyone,
tickets can be purchased at https://karofilm.ru/film/1788

Photo: Press service