Fans are wondering, what are the changes in appearance Natasha Koroleva

Фанаты гадают, с чем связаны перемены во внешности Наташи Королевой
The singer is hard to find fresh photos.

Anastasia and Natasha Koroleva

Photo: @volochkova_art Instagram Anastasia Volochkova

The day before in the microblog Anastasia Volochkova appeared photo sharing rap. The meeting of two stars was held at the red carpet social events. Shortly after the publication of the has undergone a stormy discussion. The attention of fans was attracted by the appearance of the Queen.

According to fans, Natasha turned out in the pictures is not the best way. Someone suggested that the singer strongly recovered. “Queen are. Glasses not adorn… maybe not the ones chosen?”, “The Queen became more like whether Igor Nikolaev, Kornelyuk,” “Queen as a grandmother, Oh how she has changed… She has recovered? Maybe pregnant?” — surprised netizens.

Others condemned Anastasia because she paraded the unfortunate Natasha. “Girlfriend called… Cruelly done”, “Could not put this picture out of respect”, “Natasha must be very hurt…,” he stood up for the Queen fans.

Recall that the Queen was among the Russian stars, whose property suffered not long ago from a hurricane Irma, swept over Florida. While Natasha performed at the festival “New wave”, her family — husband, son and mother, barricaded himself in an apartment in Miami, waited out the weather. In the end, heavy rain partially flooded the apartment, but, fortunately, serious damage was avoided.