Семья Виктории Бекхэм стала богаче, чем королева Британии
The “brand” Beckham work even their children.

Victoria and David Beckham


As reported the other day
the authoritative edition of Fortune, the combined wealth of the family Beckham exceeded the wealth
Queen Elizabeth. According to the newspaper, the family Beckham has 500 million
pounds. At the same time, as Queen, for the most part inherited her
from the ancestors, estimate “only” 340 million.

Victoria Beckham, former soloist of the Spice Girls turned-designer
and entrepreneur, began building his business in 2004 when released
its first line of denim clothing. Since then, she regularly created your
collection of clothes, which were sold to its affiliated boutiques around the world.
To 2004 years talking about the fact that Victoria was able to create a real
the business Empire. And in 2012 the respected publication Management Today conferred her the title “Business lady of the year”.

Thus, to date
the richest family is still considered to be the husband of Victoria David Beckham, in the past
the highest paid player in the world, who, after completing his career,
earns mainly on the advertising contracts. He is the owner of the personal
state to 270 million pounds. However, Victoria quickly catching up with her husband. So,
last year she earned twice more than he. If it got updated
account for 34 million pounds, he is only 17…

Has long been contributing to
total family income and children of spouses. Senior — Brooklyn — starting out in the modeling business now
time making a successful career as a photographer. His brother Romeo, also courted by designers
clothes for teenagers, because they demonstrated the model instantly disappear
from store shelves. And now the youngest of the brothers, Cruz also began
to earn, he has already recorded his first single. However, the income from its sale was it
my parents decided to transfer to charity. But Cruz only 11 years old
so in the future, if it is, as all predict, will be a famous singer, he
can still darken and their parents.