Семья Пэрис Джексон обеспокоена её пьянством

Troubled teenager Paris Jackson has moved into adulthood. The only daughter of the king of pop Michael Jackson leads samarasosexy lifestyle. Sure all the relatives of the girl.

At eighteen, miss Jackson previously had problems with alcohol. After the death of his father and an unsuccessful suicide attempts Paris began to drown his bitterness and resentment at the world in alcohol, by the age of seventeen became an alcoholic. Earlier this year, she decided to engage with their daemons (most likely on the insistence of relatives then still a minor celebrity), and went for help to the Center of alcoholics Anonymous, but now that she has turned eighteen, she manages her life, and many think that makes it awkwardly. The whole Jackson clan sure Paris is once again firmly friends with the booze and the photos taken by the paparazzi during a recent vacation in Jackson with her boyfriend in palm springs, California, only confirm their fears.
Paris and her boyfriend, Snoddy and then fall into the camera lenses of the paparazzi, and in their hands constantly flashing binge. The couple, incidentally, met at an AA meeting and work two weeks, refused to participate in the program.
“Paris is eighteen, and hardly someone is able to fix it or to stop. of course, her family is worried! Yes, they are just in shock because how she behaves! From the moment that Michael died, she is their constant headache. Paris insists on the fact that he is absolutely sober way of life, as well as her boyfriend, but now they have evidence of her lies,” said the insider.
As it became known, 85-year-old grandmother to Paris, which after the death of Michael was the guardian of his granddaughter, called her and said urgently return to Los Angeles home, but instead, Paris has ceased to answer phone calls and messages relatives. According to the insider, the daughter of Michael enough money to live comfortably to old age, and none of the relatives could not deprive her of the inheritance, so, confident in their impunity, Paris will continue to lead a lifestyle that is right for you.

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