Психолог прочит браку Федора Бондарчука и Паулины Андреевой короткую жизнь

Novel 49-year-old Director Fyodor Bondarchuk with 27-year-old actress Paulina Andreeva for someone was a shock, someone on the contrary, was expecting this outcome of the marriage of Theodore and his wife Svetlana. Anyway, the marital happiness of spouses is destroyed and now each of them tries to start life with a clean slate in a new relationship.

Immediately after the divorce Boyarchukov in a press there were messages about new love Fedor to a young actress, and after a couple days it became known about the upcoming wedding. Yet triumph over the legitimation of relations did not happen, however, reflections on how Theodore and Paulina live together continues.

To perform future Union decided the doctor of psychological Sciences Boris Higir. According to experts, the analysis of the future family life, couples should begin with the name of the bride. As you know, before Andreev was not called Paulina, and Katherine. Higher argues that the name change to adjust your character, and hence life. However, inherent in its original name features nowhere on it does not disappear: Paulina remained wayward, power-hungry, capricious, jealous,a little selfish, like all women of that name. The name Pauline is derived from the male Paul,and this, according to Boris, so that in this way the girl emphasized their masculinity: she has angular features, heavy gait, she clearly did not get love and affection as a child and not ready to share it now. She does not want to engage life, she loves to cook, does not hasten the birth of a child.

According to the same expert, now Fedor has gotten himself into an even more complicated relationship than he had with Svetlana.

“Svetlana unlike Andreeva was able to give. And let Fedor does not expect that a new passion will surround him with warmth and care — in terms of nepotism, it is much inferior to the Light,” says the psychologist, adding that the married couples (if, of course, will be held) will not last more than 8 years, and all because of incompatible signs of the zodiac.

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