Семья Джонни Деппа ненавидела Эмбер Херд

The news about the divorce johnny Depp and amber heard have sounded yesterday like a bolt from the sky. The actor and actress have parted ways after fifteen months of marriage. The initiator of the divorce became the actress who filed for divorce three days later after his mother died, johnny. As it turned out, all the relatives of the Depp, including his dead mother and teenage children hated amber. Numerous sources claim that the divorce was a matter of time, because her husband “treated johnny like crap”.

At the beginning of the year, the actor moved his mother to Los Angeles, in an apartment not far from the place where he lived with his young wife. The tension between the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law was palpable from the start. It is reported that the mother was sure that amber was just using her son for his money and fame, but also for career growth.
Hurd has done everything possible to johnny did not see the mother. For the time that they lived close to Los Angeles, they’ve only met once. Sources close to Depp and his wife, told reporters that the enmity between the sister-in-law and mother-in-law recently was blatant, and I do not exclude that this situation drove Betty sue in a coffin ahead of time. The last few times, when Betty was talking to amber, they were talking in loud tones, after which the mother was cursed and called Hurd “a very, very bad man.”
Recall that in his statement about divorce amber expressed a desire to get away from johnny’s considerable financial support, and the actor is likely to go on those conditions, otherwise he may lose a large part of earned over a lifetime of a marriage contract blinded by love Depp did not sign.

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