Россиянин подделал иск от Бритни Спирс, чтобы обратить на себя ее внимание

Global star Britney Spears could not stand mocking video from her would-be suitor from the city of Omsk Mikhail Matvienko and decided to sue him in court with the requirement to financially compensate her for her emotional suffering.

The claim of the singer have already been delivered to the Soviet district court of Omsk and the trial in this case should begin from day to day. But will it happen is the question.

The fact that the domestic servants of Themis do not believe that Spears has indeed decided to put the fan in place and to plead with him. According to lawyers, the author of a claim from Britney is mister Matvienko.

In proof of the veracity of this theory defenders here are a few facts: the signature on the lawsuit Britney clearly doesn’t belong, and coordinates the sending of the letter are questionable. In the graph the return address is data of one of the hotels of Las Vegas, e-mail address from which the letter came with a claim, too, is suggestive of fraud.

Human rights defenders and this is necessary to understand, and yet recall how it all began: a resident of Omsk has published online a video called “Comrade”. It’s one of the characters speaks roughly about the singer. Representatives of Spears, according to some, wrote letters to Omsk with the requirement to remove the offending video from the Internet. But Matviyenko has considered such requests as a personal insult and refused.


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