Друзья семьи Лизы Боярской рассекретили ее сына The actress tries not to show pictures of the heir. However, in the account of Benjamin Smekhova wife, Galina Aksenova, there was a frame where the boyar affectionately hugging standing in front of her boy. It turned out that her son Andrew.

      Друзья семьи Лизы Боярской рассекретили ее сына

      Elizaveta Boyarskaya is trying to hide her son from prying eyes. The grandson of Mikhail Boyarsky Andrew does not appear in any frames moms on social networks, nor to accompany her at social events. However, friends of the family of famous actors declassified, the grown heir.

      The wife of the actor Veniamin Smekhov, Galina Aksenova, posted on his page a collective image, which depicts Mikhail Boyarsky, Elizabeth and son Andrew Veniamin Smekhov and Kseniya Rappoport. Despite the fact that the photo was taken in the dark, can be seen as a grown up heir to the star family. The frame is made after the performance of “Three sisters”, which took place at the Maly drama theatre in Saint-Petersburg. Some time later, Liza Boyarskaya was forced to leave again to Moscow, as she is busy in shooting that take place in the capital.

      Earlier, the actress, together with her husband Maxim Matveev and Andrey went on vacation to Georgia, where they spent a memorable vacation. However, fans of the stars have not seen photos of the heir of this journey. Liza Boyarskaya is trying to protect his son from unnecessary media attention. “I remember as a child I was ripped away from games and friends, dressed in dresses, tying bows and planted with the parents in front of the cameras. Asked: “You when I grow up, you’re the artist?” I said, “I don’t know, haven’t decided yet”. All of this has me annoyed. Let Andrew be a normal childhood,” – commented the decision of the boyar in one of the interviews.

      By the way, this spring it was rumored that Boyarskaya and Matveyev are on the verge of divorce. The couple had a long period of time to be separated, torn between St. Petersburg and Moscow. However, later on the boyar Matveyev has personally denied all the speculation, going on a joint trip abroad. Elizaveta Boyarskaya was reunited with her husband

      Actress MDT repeatedly admitted that he considers the husband the leader. Besides, Elizabeth is very lucky that her partner knows how to cook and is always ready to help in the upbringing of the child. He loves to spoil Andrew, making him nice gifts. She boyar often sacrificing free time and personal Affairs in order to spend more time with the child. As he told star reporters, she became less likely to visit the beauty salons and almost didn’t workout, as it took those hours she could devote to Andrew.