Тверк в исполнении Нелли Ермолаевой назвали вульгарным Fans did not appreciate the choreography of the presenter. Nelly Ermolaeva lit in dress from own collection, wanting to show the dress in all its glory. However, her dance has eclipsed them all.

      The former participant “Houses-2”, and now a popular TV presenter and fashion designer Nelli Ermolaeva struck subscribers microblog performance of twerking.

      His sexually provocative dance Nelly tried to advertise a new dress from his own collection, but it seems we have the opposite effect. Twerk eclipsed all, so the outfit teledive nobody even noticed. Seeing the rousing video in the microblog Nelly Ermolaeva, subscribers stars began to discuss is not a new dress, full of bright brunette dance. Most commentators admitted that he disappointed with what he saw.

      “Hmm, your twerking looks gross and frustrating”, “Disappointing lately,” “And you sum converge?”, “Weird dance”, “you move Funny”, “Tin. Don’t understand this dance”, “Not feminine… Lady fooling around, but not bulgarica” – share their opinion on the video featuring Nelly Ermolaeva her followers.

      However, some people still have enough sense of humor to understand what the presenter decided therefore just to amuse its users in a gloomy autumn day.

      “Laugh!”, “For the layman perfectly executed”, “Nelly, funny video came out. All serious, where to go. Nelia, you are beautiful” – supported the star devoted fans.

      We will remind, last summer, Nelly Ermolaeva married her lover Kirill Andreev. Now the TV star is trying to combine the role of a caring wife and self-fulfillment. According to her, the chosen one was never against the fact that it took place in their profession. However, becoming a married lady, Nelly Ermolaeva became less likely to attend all kinds of parties, trying to spend more time alone with Kirill. The couple is already thinking about children.

      In a recent interview with “StarHit” Nellie admitted that she felt internal readiness to become a mother. Nelly Ermolaeva: “I Hope to give birth to twins!”

      “I understand I am unable to become a mother. Career and financial situation is, parents are healthy. And I realized that now I just do not have enough children. I recently became godmother of the daughter of a friend. When holding Dahulu, maternal instinct increased immensely. Of course mom I wouldn’t, but in the near future for sure. Parents want to see grandchildren and is constantly asking questions, when there will be the heirs,” said Nelli Ermolaeva.