Избранница Евгения Кузина спровоцировала слухи об интересном положении The star of “House-2” commented on the “StarHit” speculation about the pregnancy. Alexander Artyomov has published on his page in social networks photos in which her followers noticed rounded tummy.

      Evgeny Kuzin and Sasha Artemova for more than a year building their love, first in the framework of the “House-2”, and then the perimeter. The pair is showing serious intentions. Fans of the reality show continues to follow the lives of young people through social networks.

      So, the day before Alexander was forced to “Instagram” to explode with discussion about the fact that she was pregnant. The fact that the girl released footage of a photo shoot where she is dressed in a long wrap dress. The style of the outfit suggests that star telestroke hide rounded stomach, in addition, she holds the hem under the waist, as is usually done by women to emphasize the interesting position.

      “She was pregnant. Calm down already and wish happiness”, “Very cool and beautiful”, “Sasha’s pregnant, actually”, “Stunning beauty girl”, “the feeling that you’re expecting a child”, – shared his assumptions fans Alexandra.

      “I’m not pregnant. Just sometimes eat to such an extent that it becomes visually noticeable, – commented on the rumors in an interview with “StarHit” Artemova. – For example, at night to eat pounds of candy and a piece of cake.”

      Interestingly, soon beloved plan to settle all the bureaucratic issues to get married. Cousin it is necessary to finalize the divorce papers with Margarita Agibalova. Artemov have to apply for needed for painting papers to the Consulate, as she is originally from Lugansk and is not a citizen of Russia.

      By the way, in early summer the couple had decided to leave the project “House-2”. Fans until the last moment hoping that this will not happen. However, Sasha and Zhenya were adamant. They are determined to create a family, to be away from the unwanted attention from viewers of the reality show.

      Evgeny Kuzin revealed the true reason for the care of “House-2”

      “Sanya dear Artemov found each other, built a love, thanks to you we’ll sail on this ship.” Dear viewers, we will appear to come on the show because “Dom-2″ is our family, we walk with a pure heart, a good mood”, – with such words appealed to the public cousin in the video, which appeared on the website of the General show’s producer Alexei Mikhailovsky.