Fainting at the concert Lazarev shocked the fans VIDEO

Обморок Лазарева на концерте шокировал фанатов ВИДЕО The singer fainted during a speech. The fans are very worried about the health of the artist. The concert was postponed to the ninth of June.

      For anybody not a secret that many musicians perform on stage in front of the audience with full dedication. It is important for them to exert all their effort to please fans with a spectacular performance.

      Is no exception and the popular singer Sergey Lazarev. The artist now performs across the country with his new show. Fans delighted with a memorable large-scale productions and concert in each city Lazareva look forward to thousands of fans of his work. Today, speaking at the St. Petersburg scene, the artist during the concert fainted. Dancers quickly brought Lazarev behind the scenes, but for all viewers was announced a little intermission.

      It’s possible that fatigue from the artist felt dizzy and so he began to lose consciousness. I must say that neither the staff of the scene, nor the presence in the audience did not immediately understand what had actually happened.

      Fans were shocked that the popular singer felt ill during the performance. They supported singer and wished him recovery and health. “People, Sergey is also the man. Faints because she is running herself ragged. It makes it worse. He’s a great talent. And this only shows that he gives himself completely to the audience”, “Serge, get well soon, very excited! Serge, the concert was wonderful, waiting on the ninth of June, the most important thing you healthy. Serge, take care of yourself!” – expressed the opinion of loyal fans.

      Video posted by Artem (@g_h_o_s_t__) 8 APR 2016 10:41 PDT

      A little later it was announced that the concert of Sergey Lazarev will be transferred on the ninth of June. Recall that in mid-may the singer will represent our country at the Eurovision song contest. Now the actor is preparing to perform in Sweden and fans only want him to win. By the way, the bookies are also predicting the first place of the Russian artist. Thus, the Petersburg audience the artist will be returned after the performance at the international song contest.

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